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Greeley students to rob a bank sentenced to 10 yea

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PostWysłany: Sob 3:11, 12 Mar 2011 Temat postu: Greeley students to rob a bank sentenced to 10 yea

2009 年 7 11, see Li Li shared with other extension students are successfully learning to get diploma, he could no longer sit still, packed his things ready to move out, and with roommate said,
Li Li obvious change is to start from the senior.
12 o'clock noon the following day, Li Li alone came to campus for a Bank of China, created the Bank of kidnapping.
2009 年 7 12, Beijing University of Technology student Li Li of China in schools bank, hostage taking and robbery of the Bank 10 million. 5 hours later, he was the police control.

Li Li said: >
sentenced to 10 years said they did not appeal
However, this set back Lebanon lies makes a heavier psychological burden, he can no longer home for money, study and living expenses must earn on their own.

court has not found the prosecution's allegations of kidnapping, robbery and sentenced to Lebanon finally established 10 years in prison.

two years, should study hard and get our hands on the graduation certificate, and then look for a job, and then support their parents.
two hours ahead of the defendant father to court
8 o'clock in the morning, handed down from the case, there are two hours, Li Li's father then came to court early to sit down in front of the roadside.
2009 年 11 months, Li Li was Haidian Procuratorate approved the arrest. Was identified, Li Li of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and stuttering, are limiting the liability capacity.

said Xu Gang, one or two months before the accident, Li Li began to somewhat normal, often talking to himself, but also no reason to throw the mouse.

all the time, has always been most proud of the academic behind.

before coming to Beijing, the old son of Li over the years to get all the honorary certificate, a picture from their homes and took down the wall, as the evidence submitted to the court. Some of these certificates have been torn, a lot of white certificates is done at the end, re-paste it before.

in his eyes, Li Li is a high academic achievers, the boy your parents.

judge then read out the verdict, the prosecution had alleged that the kidnapping is wrong, finds Li Li's conduct constituted robbery. Li Li is a view of the limited forensic criminal responsibility, and Li Li a deep repentance,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and ultimately sentenced him to 10 years in prison lighter.

Li Li is from Jiangxi, a poor rural students. Although Li Li in the school during the last million of student loans, but his life is still very tight.
Li Liming said he does not appeal the.
before the accident are often said to himself

school hostage-taking bank robbery 10 million
● eyes of his father Li Li

Lebanon after the incident to find old son's suicide note, they would understand his son's despair: I hope you do not get upset!

said Xu Gang, to the senior later, Li Li suddenly want to make money to help people save Zhongguancun computer.
but later results did not have Lili Cheng, attended by the school informing him to collect cards. During this time, Li Li has become extremely irritable.
● pronounced site

● case playback

Later, I heard no money to pay rent after Li Li, Li Li Xu Gang initiate contact, so he moved to their own lives, but was refused by Lili Wan. In live a few years, Li said that he never established economic difficulties at home.

old Lebanese are crying.
● roommate eyes Li Li
bank robbery would be This behavior is tantamount to robbing banks,

son is in school, your parents of the boy

honors for the work can only be extended once graduation
consequences soon appeared, and Zeng Yi scores admitted to the honors Greeley, the senior
trial judge deliberately let the bailiff to open his handcuffs so that Li Li to talk about their understanding of behavior.

accordance with the requirements of the school, Li Li must be moved out of the school,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the monthly rent has become his new financial burden. Li Li can only choose to continue to work everywhere, into a vicious circle.
he was not willing to accept help from others

father said Li Li, Li Li in the extended study period, has been hiding the truth of his family, saying he had graduated from a computer company in Zhongguancun, a monthly salary of several thousand dollars.

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