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Stop feeding the baby crying for the nanny sleepin

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PostWysłany: Sob 6:16, 12 Mar 2011 Temat postu: Stop feeding the baby crying for the nanny sleepin

,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Xinhua BEIJING, March 19, according to Italy, Chinese-month-old infants fed by nanny a lot of sleeping pills, leading to comprehensive frequently-occurring disease of skull injury and disease, died; also a Chinese boy in critical condition, was transferred to the Meyer Paediatric Hospital in Florence, after several days of treatment, male condition misconduct worse still, life at stake.

3-month-old Chinese baby was born, the parents need to work because, he commissioned a Chinese nanny took care of them. Parents heard about the children the disease, immediately send their children to the rescue center of Prato Hospital, the baby has the depth of stunning admission. The hospital then transferred to the infant Meyer Paediatric Hospital in Florence, and ultimately died.
two cases of Chinese children were the consumption of sleeping pills cause disease, caused great attention of the police, at present, police have two infant cases a full investigation. The hospital after tests found that Chinese infants and critically ill baby died the same long-term excessive use of sleeping pills lead to frequently-occurring disease, resulting in the formation of sudden infant skull, damage to cerebral hemorrhage.

another 8 months of birth and death of Chinese baby Chinese baby is very similar symptoms, was sent to rescue the emergency center of Prato, the hospital in serious condition that is required to Professional Children's Hospital where they put the baby to the same Florence, Meyer Children's Hospital. By a medical rescue, 8 months old boy admitted to hospital the day of the Chinese condition under control, but have not yet completely out of danger. After several days of rescue, the Chinese boy disease has not improved, the baby condition deteriorated again. Recently, the hospital has informed the families of severely impaired infant skull, the brain has been bleeding and restore health is unlikely.

after the incident, the Chinese nanny's bad behavior has been universally condemned by the Chinese community. With community leaders called for the police, in order to protect the safety of children, we must crack down on the rights of children against all criminal acts, for children to create a healthy environment. At the same time remind the majority of overseas compatriots, hiring baby nanny need to be cautious, be sure to conduct thorough and meticulous nanny understanding,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to take responsibility for the safety of the children, must not be arbitrary ins and outs of hiring illegal workers do not know, so as not to make children suffer accidental injury. (Bo Source)

responsible for the initial police investigation of suspected cases, deaths of infants and critically ill babies is the owner not at home, in order to stop the baby crying, the nanny in the milk for the children to join their children sleeping pills, so tragic.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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