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Together with the husband stealing and selling col

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preliminary investigation shows that in the second half of 2008, just 6 months time, the storage deficit twenty thousand kilograms of rice, cooking oil, thirty thousand kilograms. So many materials, Jiangmou is the means by which the transfer? How does she realize that? She also did not co-people?

Anti-Corruption Bureau officers quickly entered the warehouse, the warehouse supplies, accounts and related personnel started preliminary investigation. Anti-corruption officers that Jiangmou is fled, and in the absconded before she was suspected of more than 20 million warehouse worth of rice and cooking oil and other materials transfer and discounted occupation.
According to the two statements, early June 2008, the Yemou short of money raised to Jiangmou, get some supplies from the warehouse out of cash. Jiangmou at first did not agree, but in her husband's continued lobbying, or agreed.


the face of the case to emerge from a survey of a doubt, anti-corruption officers began Jiang duo consisting of focus leaves the family.

and procedures for library materials that are basically a people through whom Jiang. Jiangmou account every time each one canteen keeper to her plans, and cafeteria will be goods by the various recipients, the Jiangmou canteen keeper and then reconciled with the various canteens.
Jiangmou labor service company before working in the school, in 2000, after the company merged into the logistics group, went to the Logistics Group Jiangmou diet centers. June 2008, she was transferred to the physical storage as custodian for the Western group. By this time, they also admitted to the university's son, whether from work or daily life, the family should be happy.
2008 in the first half, Yemou because someone borrowed for gambling, loan sharks out, differences before and after a total of more than ten million people. Because the money is also gambling, loan sharking of people into just a home, also claimed to kidnap his son. The threat of creditors after the successive site several times, Yemou only with Jiangmou discuss countermeasures.

So Yemou proposed to Jiangmou out of the warehouse storage of the oil sold is also engaged in usury.

after her husband called his wife to open the door
whenever there is a material to storage, the logistics group of buyers or quality inspector will be present inventory storage, and must be present is Jiangmou the. Material inventory in the warehouse, the supplier will supply the documents to the Jiangmou, to the end of each month inventory when Jiangmou give suppliers to open a total of invoices, and inventory associated with the receipt at the end table, and various canteens with recipients to the Logistics Group One Financial for debts.

Thus, in the storage, a library in the process,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Jiangmou series of drilling a number of loopholes in the couple, did not make the case a time exposure. Until the end of 2008, due to shortfall in supplies too many accounts can not be flat, leading logistics group sought out, Jiangmou couple things that can not hide the feeling, this both to flee.

Since then, the warehouse seems to have become two of the ATM, Yemou Confession, From the summer of 2008 around the end of 2008, a total of six or seven times stolen, transported supplies, including twenty thousand kilograms of rice and thirty kilograms of oil.
corruption behind the cause for regret

order to understand this series of questions, the prosecution decided to Jiang Mouli case investigation, allegedly on charges of corruption. February 2 this year, the prosecution decided to Jiangmou criminal detention. At this point, had fled as soon as possible to find more than a year Jiangmou becomes critical.
gambling drug addiction led to family tragedies
It is understood that the end of 2008, the University of Western warehouse inventory accounting Zhang found that the rice on the table, the amount of oil and does not match the actual count, was made to curators Jiangmou asked Jiangmou said some material on Other dining hall. Month 31, compared to the inventory table Zhang found that Jiangmou 3 months of inventory on the table had changed, she immediately reported to the leadership. In order to identify the actual situation in inventory, 3 January 2009, the school sent and Jiangmou Logistics Group with warehouse inventory of the Western and found a lot of rice, oil shortages. The next day, count them again and found that there are deficits.

fact, however, before the incident, the family on the brink of collapse. In 2006, the two decided to divorce, but just because his son to college, they did not get a divorce certificate, there is no separation.

recently indicted by the Hongshan District People's Procuratorate, Hongshan District People's Court of First Instance sentenced Jiangmou guilty of embezzlement and sentenced 12 years and fined 50,000 yuan and confiscation of property, her husband was sentenced to a term Yemou 11 years imprisonment and fined 50,000 yuan and confiscation of property.

Abstract: One University storekeeper Jiangmou together with her husband, using his position to forge financial documents will be to hold on to the warehouse twenty thousand kilograms of rice and thirty kilograms of edible oil and other materials stealing and selling, fled after the incident around a year.
office at this time also Jiangmou Logistics Group, hung up the phone immediately after the return to the warehouse. Truck to the rear, Jiangmou took opened the door of the warehouse, the warehouse directly to workers from handling cooking oil.
20 万元 material inexplicable University Logistics Group report, reflecting the original Western storekeeper Jiangmou the Group during his tenure of more than 20 million shortfall in supplies, and has been at large.

this way, the two men in six months time, has more than 20 million warehouse will be stealing and selling goods.
3 13, anti-corruption officer of a labor camp in Wuhan arraignment of the Yemou . Comprehensive two confessions and evidence, the case will soon understand - It turned out that the couple is a veritable

straight to the warehouse loading trucks Oil

Yemou told Jiangmou, Shortly after noon on the summer day that year, when going to work, Yemou to Jiangmou call and tell her the car immediately dragged to the goods, so that directly after her car to open the warehouse.

day after two weeks, Yemou tell Jiangmou will have a car to tow cargo. Towards midday the day, Yemou again call to confirm, Jiangmou memories, this time towing a semi-truck oil.
the hands of the investigators of a group photograph only Jiangmou photo, several investigators observed a long time in the company, confirm that the woman is Jiangmou. March 12, after investigators tracked and reaffirmed Jiangmou identity. According to her account, fled Wuhan, Yemou she and her husband came to Guangdong. June 2009, Yemou back to Wuhan explore wind, surprise, just because the drug was back to Wuhan to reeducation through labor. In desperation, Jiangmou had to rely on odd jobs and help people to cook for a living.
deficit caused by too much material to trace

According to the investigation, Jiangmou duties in the warehouse, is responsible for Western acceptance of all goods canteen, storage, storage, a library, and in the warehouse, only one person responsible for her.

Unexpectedly, no further verification and other school staff, Jiangmou her husband has been missing.
Well, this sums up to more than 20 million flows to where exactly? If Jiangmou alleged is true, her motive is that?

Sports Network (Chutianjinbao)

According to the Group staff reflect the beginning of 2009, as Western storekeeper in the school's departure from the unit Jiangmou suddenly, and the unknown.
the disintegration of the family, from Yemou two vices: gambling and drugs. Yemou confession, he has been playing a bunch of friends together, go out first, gambling, and later from the drug's problems. When drug money, the Yemou to continue to find Jiangmou the money to buy drugs. They do this often quarrel.
In fact, the couple frequently committed crimes in the Jiangmou the period, almost two times the behavior of exposure.

they were all employees of the University Logistics Group, and they have a son, has been to college. Yemou, 45, is the school children, replaced in 1983 when his mother to cook school meals center. In 2000, he transferred to the Logistics Group hydropower group work, because the drug in 2005, quit.

more importantly, the monthly warehouse inventory, almost a man by the river to operate. Justice, the Jiangmou said: However, for the occasional material shortages, Jiangmou explaining that this part of the goods are requisitioned by various canteen, but it has not done the month inventory sheet. The Jiangmou also promise that some inventory items will be on the table next month. Thus, the inventory will not be the person in charge get to the bottom.

Jiangmou even drill multiple vulnerabilities succeeded

Yemou testimony, initially he was looking at the East Gate near the grain and oil supplies trailer driver, on a good price, each time Touyou, rice, and the driver to contact before. Then, by Yemou responsible for leading the way, Jiangmou opened the door Yemou with the driver to goods shipped out of the oil and rice. Every time the driver will give the money to Yemou directly.
3 mid-pursuit and technology through the adoption of online investigative measures, anti-corruption officers intercepted Jiangmou finally clues in Guangzhou - Baiyun District, she was one of a company within the automotive market to help cook. In order not to arouse his suspicions, investigators were posing as customers to buy a car, into the company's proven case.

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