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Was reprimanded for drunken man stabbed to death b

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PostWysłany: Pią 2:31, 11 Mar 2011 Temat postu: Was reprimanded for drunken man stabbed to death b

WASHINGTON drink late, parents have been reprimanded, Lin Moucheng not only failed to reflect on their own, but enraged, picked the fruit knife at home father to death. 2 o'clock yesterday morning, tragedy occurred in West Town in Anxi County, homes after the village grid. 9 hours Anxi police cracked the case.
alarm Lin neighbors are dead. After receiving the report, the police quickly organized Anxi capable police force rushed to the crime scene for investigation: on the one hand, careful on-site technical staff,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a comprehensive investigation, evidence collection, the tools of crime scene evidence such as marks and blood samples extracted one by one; the other hand, , the investigators, the victim and the surrounding people, witnesses one by one asked, one by one to do on-site inquiry transcript.

present, Lin Moucheng has XingJu, the case is under further investigation.
Anxi Xiping Interpol police station together with the brigade attack, the village of West Town in other major post-transportation grid to Road to set up card inventory. Meanwhile, the suspect's relatives, friends and neighbors to know Lin Moucheng likely hiding place, and one by one Mo Pai. Finally, at 11 o'clock yesterday, Lin Moucheng suspects arrested in his friend's house.

to the alarm: West Town in Anxi cell Village houses after the murder occurred.

reported, 26 at 9 am,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the suspect Lin Moucheng shopping with friends after drinking in the Xiping township, at 1 pm at the home yesterday, just encountered is the father of the living room watching TV Lin root. Lin root idle all day see his son, not reached out to their own money, now flushed with drink, they cursed a huff.

through a lot of investigation and evidence gathering, the basic facts clear, the dead root Lin (male, 45 years old, West Town in cells after the village), the suspect Linmou Cheng (male, 21 years old), both father and son, Department of relationship, due to old habits of argument, raised after the tragic battle. Later, Lin Moucheng fled.

early age by their parents love

Lin Moucheng weekdays are often nagging by his father, a home and the evening meal swearword his father, not to fight a gas come up through Jiujin contradict with his father. They gradually transformed into fighting by the abuse intensified. At this time, Linmou Cheng's mother from a sound sleep by two men in condemning awakened by his son joined the ranks of the lesson, the parents took turns to attack makes Lin Moucheng more irritated. He then went to find a friend running for the door, and then call the mother to get ID cards, bank cards to him, and then fold back home failed, the father was abusive again. Lin Moucheng gradually lost their senses, then angrily stormed out of the kitchen fruit knife, knife deep thorn in his father's right chest, causing his father died instantly. Linmou Cheng Qi Dao then fled, while his mother was a heavy blow by the sudden scene, slumped to.
murder after

murderer idle all day
It is understood that Lin Moucheng no school early, at home to help his father reselling tea, had a sister had been married, as a home for his son, and his family well, love from childhood by their parents.

neighbors to help the alarm

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