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The Secretary of discipline garden business income

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PostWysłany: Pią 2:32, 11 Mar 2011 Temat postu: The Secretary of discipline garden business income

Yu Xuefeng find construction units, by their agreement, to determine the actual contract price, the price is much lower than budgeted, the formation of a difference. For projects at budget price paid to Yu Xuefeng master, the money to open for projects let Yu Xuefeng money after issuing process invoices.
three projects since the difference even higher. For example, backfilling earthwork Wetland Park, the actual payment of the construction project payments and other expenses were 42 million, tax 6.6045 million yuan, Geng Xiaojun,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Yu Xuefeng common misappropriation of project funds post 75.1955 million, of which the accused embezzling 726,000 yuan Geng Xiaojun; original state through Lot-owned green space along the river mouth and shoals Pavilion Waterfront Landscape backfilling earth, practical person to pay for projects and other construction costs 390,000 yuan, tax 5.3405 million yuan, Geng Xiaojun, Yu Xuefeng common misappropriation of project funds post 55.6595 million, of which the defendant embezzled Geng Xiaojun 530,000 yuan; Merchants Assembly lighting maintenance contractor who actually pay for projects 330,900 yuan, tax of about 5.9642 million, Geng Xiaojun, Yu Xuefeng common misappropriation of project funds post 72.2258 million, of which the defendant Geng Xiaojun misappropriation of 70 million.

about Geng Xiaojun's business experience, one might curious, in fact, his
can be seen from the specific facts of the crime, Geng Xiaojun design and even the difference is even higher than the actual construction cost. For example, in September 2004 to December 2006, Huangshan City Gardens Management Office (Bureau) is responsible for the implementation of QI Yun Road, an earth backfill project, agreed by Geng Xiaojun, Yu Xuefeng Li Donghai arrangements for the construction of the project, and opened in the name of the construction and keeping accounts. Yu Xuefeng engineering contract price shall invoice issued by Geng Xiaojun issuing process, the council finance these accounts to pay for projects to 117.3608 million dollars, and Yu Xuefeng actually paid people for projects and other construction costs 521,490 yuan, tax of about 6.1838 million. Only this amount, Geng Xiaojun, Yu Xuefeng common misappropriation of project funds post 59.0280 million, of which 55 million embezzled Geng Xiaojun, Yu Xuefeng misappropriation of about 4.0280 million. The second phase of earthworks in the implementation of QI Yun Road, backfilling, the actual payment of the construction project payments and other costs were 775 thousand yuan (including bribery Geng Xiaojun Li Donghai 10 million), tax 8.2474 million yuan, Geng Xiaojun, Yu Xuefeng engineering from the misappropriation of the project together shall post 82.2526 million, of which the defendant embezzled 670,000 yuan Geng Xiaojun, accused Yu Xuefeng misappropriation of 5.2526 million.
operation employed by Geng Xiaojun Lotus Square area of Huangshan District, the department store renovation project engineering and high-Lan confirmed by Geng Xiaojun employ its projects in the name of the Ministry into action area of Huangshan District, Hibiscus Square renovation project engineering and department store , Furong Area Project sales money to pay management fees in addition, project funds, taxes, and the supporting engineering fees, design fees, drawings, the Geng Xiaojun took profit of about 400 million; Huangshan District, Anhui department store renovation project is the development of security to companies , Geng Xiaojun after settlement took more than 300 million profit, while paying back the principal Geng Xiaojun concealed part of the collection, reimbursement of 10 million travel, coolie wages.

■ ■

In addition, there are confirmed bribes, Geng Xiaojun will claim the money shopping. Song Peng, such as testimony that its Bureau of Parks in the city lighting project to undertake a total of 28 million bribes to Geng Xiaojun, of which there Geng Xiaojun request on behalf of the Urban Landscaping welfare of 2 million, went to Japan to study to the 2 million element, and once Geng Xiaojun, Huangshan District, hexagonal floor to pass a 6 million.


garden business income of more than 1,200 disciplinary Secretary million

Administration of Huangshan City was formerly garden Huangshan City park management office, is a state-owned institution, whose main role is responsible for the urban garden design, construction, management, local institutions are not compelling. Geng Xiaojun corruption is not the case illustrates the strength of the power unit, but rather the greed of corrupt elements.

trial show cards, cross-examination, the more copies of International City

2004, the Geng Xiaojun that Huangshan City Garden Authority (Department) is responsible for the implementation of the project contract price paid to the builder than the actual price, then spur of the moment misappropriation of project funds the difference. Then, he instructed subordinates Yu Xuefeng arrange for construction, determining the actual price of the project. Yu Xuefeng by Geng Xiaojun requirements in order to sign on behalf of the construction works in the name of the contract, under the name of the builder, master custody account for projects. Then, Yu Xuefeng engineering contract price to the invoice issued for projects by Geng Xiaojun issuing process, the council appropriated money to finance the project Yu Xuefeng control account. Yu Xuefeng engineering practice to pay the price, taxes and other expenses, and then with the misappropriation of project funds and Geng Xiaojun post.

Hu in Anhui Academy of Social Sciences, research fellow from the hair, a small garden out the Secretary for the long-term supervision of lawlessness, further evidence of the need for exchange of cadres, that is not concerned about being forgotten, sat in a 'Tu Huangdi', perhaps not valued in recent years, corruption-prone position the main reason. E
The company has developed Huangshan Plaza, Shanghai Zhabei Park renovation project, Huangshan District, Hibiscus Square Area Project. Witnesses also confirmed that the four crimes in the Geng Xiaojun, took in the bulk from the project, so its not much bribery, but as long as a number of sizes to be, or even ask for, like a do whatever they like,
Geng Xiaojun criminal file in the records, in Hefei, Anhui Province on behalf of their own or their family members to purchase a set of residential and 37 shops, shopping Housing price totaling 2,216.1926 million total, this is very surprising. Ill-gotten gains do not keep up, hide, but rather keen on making money with money, and to Geng Xiaojun mind as a corrupt businessman is not an exaggeration.
been identified from 2004 to 2008, Geng Xiaojun Yu Xuefeng in the area together with (Board) is responsible for the implementation of the QI Yun Road, an earthwork backfilling, backfilling earthwork Qiyun Road Phase II project, wetland earthworks backfilling, the original state through backfilling earthwork sites, merchants in the General Assembly, lighting maintenance, and misappropriation of project funds taking of the difference of RMB 334.3614 million yuan. Geng Xiaojun misappropriation of which 3.176 million yuan for projects, for personal consumption; Yu Xuefeng misappropriation of project funds of about 16.7614 million RMB, among which about 1.5210 million unused because of the incident, the other for personal consumption. Other common corruption is mainly, Geng Xiaojun Yu Xuefeng also colluded with other small earth filling in the Council, lighting maintenance and repair works hard, the taking of misappropriation of project funds and the difference of RMB 150 million.

Ceremony marks in the testimony as a witness confirmed that its Board of Huangshan City Garden Most Yu Xuefeng on behalf of the contract signed. Yu Xuefeng Zhou Jianzhong with its identity and open accounts and custody, direct payments for projects by Yu Xuefeng. The construction of Qiyun a project, the construction of wetland filling and other earth engineering costs actually paid far less than the Bureau of Parks for the works, the difference being Geng Xiaojun, who misappropriated.
Geng Xiaojun swallow a lot of money, little money has left off. A single penny of their corruption only 3 million: In 2006, Geng Xiaojun and Zhang Jianguo, general manager of Anhui black and white advertising agreement, Huangshan City, 3 Garden Authority to the advertising company, agreed to the rental fee for each advertising 2 million per year. Geng Xiaojun unit not part of the cost charged to the ground, requiring only stated in the contract on the rental fee for each advertising 1 million per year, another 3 million to dispose of rental fees from Geng Xiaojun, Zhang Jianguo was given Geng Xiaojun 30000 million in cash.

The investigation, from 2003 to March 2008, Geng Xiaojun advantage of his office, the Bureau has received seedlings, flower suppliers Lingyu Kang, Xie Jinbao, engineering contractors Wu Haitao, Song Peng, Dong-Hai Li, etc. people to send money or a total of 881,000 yuan, and for their interests. Among them, the receiving nursery stock suppliers Ling Yukang 380,000 yuan; received 91,000 yuan Wu Haitao contractors; Song Peng contractors received 280,000 yuan; accepting flowers suppliers Xie Jinbao 30,000 yuan; received Contractors Lee Donghae 100,000 yuan.

construction of lighting engineering Hu Weiguo merchants in the General Assembly testimony proved that the construction of merchants Assembly lighting project, agreed price is 50 million, the Council transfers of more than 110 million, Yu Xuefeng the actual payment of the 33.09 million; the construction of other
to send money and goods showed the largest Lingyu Kang's testimony, in order to improve relations and Geng Xiaojun, and payment of a debt shall seedlings in 2004, to Geng Xiaojun; early 2004, and September and October, the sea floor in the hotel Tunxi two bags of money with the teller a total of 40,000 yuan Geng Xiaojun; the beginning of 2005 and the end of the entrance building in Tunxi Survey money to send two bags with a withdrawal a total of 5 million to Geng Xiaojun; Tunxi 2006 gave a total of 70,000 yuan Geng Xiaojun; March 2008 Guomai hotel parking lot in Tunxi 3 million given to the defendant Geng Xiaojun; total a total of 38 million.

1997 年 8 月 Geng Xiaojun Ren Huangshan City Gardens Management Office, in December the same year appointed branch secretary of the department. July 2005 transfer to Huangshan City park Authority, the party branch secretary, to 2008, crime, corrupt conduct its basic running through them.

to make as their own contractors earn
Witness Lee ring the bell, Wu Haitao's testimony confirmed that the proposed 2002 Geng Xiaojun subordinate to Huangshan City, Huangshan garden garden at the Construction and Development Company to re-register, Geng Xiaojun Wang Lihua mother on behalf of its shares. Moreover, the September 26 changed to Lee, chairman of persons and, December 13, 2004 change Geng Xiaojun, Chairman.
discipline up to 12.08 million yuan in business revenue

It is believed that the reason Geng Xiaojun do whatever they want in Huangshan City park system, a key reason for this is in Huangshan City Bureau of Parks office too long, from August 1997 Geng Xiaojun Ren Huangshan City Gardens Management Office, garden after the transfer to Huangshan City Authority, the incident until 2008,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such a long period of time, is entirely one person have the final say, for the obvious abuses, industry insiders are well aware. Their subordinates to cultivate even involved, such as Yu Xuefeng is important Geng Xiaojun said in the appeal for the signing of related contracts on behalf of Bureau of Parks for the arrangement of Wu Yu-signed, the other is responsible for the Yu Xuefeng out, the real construction contractors simply do not understand the contract.

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