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Boys do not want to hire himself to accompany peop

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PostWysłany: Pią 14:25, 11 Mar 2011 Temat postu: Boys do not want to hire himself to accompany peop

22 at 10, the horizon appears a post Chongqing community - Chinese New Year with you Quote said, looks, height. there are few female wanderers, and people like us can do together? rent out their own. can not be bought. the kind of joy. >
to bid farewell to loneliness, in 2006, the wind make the first girlfriend. have dinner at home, often all my cooking, she dishes. looked at her hand dull day by day, I feel I am sorry for her. I did not give her a happy life, I feel a failure. / p>
wind that, in order not to delay his girlfriend, he chose to leave. . Finally she cried and ran away from my house. Finally, by virtue of their own efforts, he was a programmer from school teachers to the network and then to IT professionals. This year, he also contacted a number of the opposite sex, but without any feeling. He always thought of ex-girlfriend. individuals must choose their own life, I is not good intervention. but because of her leave, I became even more unhappy.
Spring Festival this year, the wind group home arrangements Danian twenty-nine years, New Year's Eve day, nothing to do. Yes, but definitely shorter than I, or pressure. everyone can have a good year.
■ eminemlee: is not yo has come a steep change of position ah. Chinese New Year is also looking for individuals Burongyia.
■ Nobita 123: a little mean, mark! Concerned about the rent not to rent it out in the end.
■ Black girl: this time of year, the actors will appear similar to the recruitment of posts!
■ Peas: I think the more unreliable, after all, the network is virtual.
■ Coffee Cat: now friends love it really so difficult? Alas, more and more do not understand this society, the normal exchanges between people must be collected through the network.
■ Shook his plane: in fact, you just want to find their friends, I saw it. Anyway,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], all wish you good luck.

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