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50-year-old single mother online and pay 30-year-o

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PostWysłany: Pią 14:23, 11 Mar 2011 Temat postu: 50-year-old single mother online and pay 30-year-o

support is not, nor is it against the 23-year-old son caught in the middle

50-year-old mother fall in love, the object was a young man in his early age of 30!
yesterday, leading to the temple for the mother station, to meet online and new boyfriend of three months, Zhao Kang heart ten thousand do not. Jiangsu, a man who is not only a big deal because he was much more worried about this is not the result of a love, he even worried about the back of a scam. However, the mother insists on this Jiedi Lian persist in the end.
accept or reject? Fraud or true love? Zhao Kang a dilemma.
mom friends son is very angry then

yesterday morning, the train station exit of the crowd, came to a height of 1.7 meters, light hair combed, wearing an old-fashioned Men's short sleeve shirt. See Lan, friendly man asked: , standing beside Zhao Kang Wang Lan, touched the shoulder of a write-mouth, felt very uncomfortable. For the sake of safety mother, Zhao Kang took a bunch of buddies come to the train station
talked for three months, Wang Lan first time I saw this previously only seen in the video the man, smiled and said Men are from Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, named Zhou Tao, has opened a Kiosk. For the front of the university toddlers are middle-aged women, out with him shouting: whispered. While we do not know that wisdom for the scene when a little embarrassed, Wang Lan blurting:
sparks single mother chat network

Wang Lan of this courtship, shaking his head with emotion.
Zhao Kang 12 years old, his father suddenly died. After the mother has not remarried, a man hard 10 years, until last year, Port Avenue, finally opened in Yangjiaping have a non-staple food store, things are decent. Now, Zhao Kang Reading senior, graduate next year, is planning for the future life, how material, considers himself
things have from three months ago. One day three months ago, Zhao Kang came back from school, Mom went floating room, ready to give her a surprise, closer look, found that mother and a man voice and video is not only flirting, but also call each other The. He came before, and no wonder my mom goes back home all day online, chat QQ, but also security video. Suddenly, Zhao Kang body goose bumps
He admits, easy to confuse the appearance of mother, 50-year-old, she is as long as the point of makeup, the hair into two cannabis, wearing a fashionable point, look at the most 35 years old. Mom admitted that online dating is not only generous, but also told his son a secret: The new boyfriend, surprisingly, only 30 years old. More exaggerated, the only talk for three months, the mother determined that the name of a great new boyfriend, most likely her So two talent similar to yesterday morning, the train station there or be square at the head temple.
see someone claiming to be the first time the Lan, last night did not sleep well all night. Yesterday morning to get up, she begins to make up, but also specifically to wear to the Pacific Department Store to buy new clothes, pronouncements,
Especially the young man saw the young for yesterday's 20-year-old man his mother, the whole body is not comfortable. Moreover, the mother seems to eat the
in the end is to accept mother's love, or think of ways to mix yellow? Zhao Kang a dilemma.
(upon the request of the per capita use of paper involved a pseudonym)

I have something to say

children, it is best to remain neutral

encourage the love of mother love in the form of a bold property distribution is not important to figure out

□ Zhou Xiaoyan Chongqing Normal University Professor of Psychology

they probably will not last forever, but this love We should be blessed. A 50-year-old mother, 30-year-old man, also like the charm of beautiful performance of Chongqing. As a mother, 10 years has been raising his son grow up, I think, her role as a mother can come to an end, should be the pursuit of happiness belongs to her. Happened, she looks young, but also catch up with the Internet age, met a 30-year-old man liked her, she has the right to enjoy part of her love. As a child, should go with the flow, non-interference, no support, no opposition.
encourage the mother bold love

□ Good Zhang Xinhua Bookstore Group employees

A 50-year-old mother, the courage to fall in love, is itself deserve to be respected in the move. As long as the other is not cheating on her, she should be bold to love.
form of love is not important

□ Sun Yuanming Municipal Academy of Social Sciences Sociology experts

love their children or their parents re-married, should remain tolerant attitude, should not interfere with or blame. Which a form of love, really does not matter, whether it is online dating, real love, friends, are a form of love,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not because it is online dating, or other forms of love, to deny its authenticity and the solid nature.
distribution of property to find out

□ Hao Chen Gee Tung law firm

free love, no matter what form of love, all right. But, if the parties decide to remarry, must face the issue of property distribution. Should be before marriage, inheritance and property allocation regarded such things as clear, to avoid disputes and married some trouble, so change the original flavor of love.

age difference does not matter

I am afraid he is a bad

I always feel indebted to my mom Zhao Kang, for the old Damn this online dating, I do not know the acceptance of the brave, or cast aside and the objections of the brave? He said his father died early, mother to him, hard money 10 years, and now he is about to graduate, think of the ability to take care of my mom after work, and then encouraged her to find an age, experience significant partner, happy over rest of his life. How can he not expect the old heart is not the old mother who, like the object, the small she was 20 years old, or place users.
For mother love and attachment, the behavior of small-boyfriend, he'd feel the age gap between the secondary, mainly because the users are bad people, worried mother deceived. Zhao Kang I always was afraid, not knowing what to do. Now, he can do is every hour to call mom and let her safety.
mother said

Jiedi Lian and online dating

nothing surprising

son's concerns, seemed a bit dismissive. She said she should have their own lives. Regardless of the choice online dating, or traditional friends boyfriend, they are all adults do. As toddlers should not be too much interference in her private life.
course, Wang Lan for his son's concerns, she did not negated. . Wang Lan thought for a moment, gently nodded, but did not speak.
She said that online dating is just a form of love, and the blind date, friends, love and so they know the form is the same, should not wear colored glasses to look at online dating.
little boyfriend

I really like her

let time prove everything

See the big sister to Chongqing netizens Zhou Tao, talking about this thing, full of confidence. Zhou Tao said that he also worried that Wang Lan will not be a bad guy, I have thought, if to Chongqing, cheated country? Later, everyone in the online contact with a long time, not the kind of person that Wang Lan. Most importantly, he likes to Lan, the age gap did not even imagined.
Zhou Taojian that time can prove everything. If he is a bad guy, so why spend so much time and energy to it? Moreover, his body the wind blows. He also made special mention, if you really want and Wang Lan long together, he must be treated as relatives to Zhao Kang.

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