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piumini moncler Water plant will be transported to

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PostWysłany: Pią 23:03, 11 Mar 2011 Temat postu: piumini moncler Water plant will be transported to

Workers are repairing the integration of new water purifier.
ten thousand villagers drinking

, which contains large amounts of sediment, sometimes out of leech, insects or something, people feel very sick.
19, the reporter field survey, the local water company's water delivery problems to the villagers really great, not compliance, because the existing and aging equipment, the water taken out from the water after the purification can not be directly transport to the villagers.

Xiong Ke Zhang told this reporter: In recent months, home use of water has become a feel very sick. Bear family did not dare to drink tap water run-off.
17,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], who lives in the village Licheng Liang Village, in front of reporters face, in his home under the kitchen faucet, with a white bucket picked up half a bucket of water. This reporter saw the water contains many impurities, the surface layer of oil floating like material, over five or six minutes, there is a layer of the muddy bottom of the bucket,
family members can only put away one night in advance of water, such as precipitation after a night the next day dare to vegetables, but usually released the water, usually only dare to flush the toilet.
Village 84, who lives in the village households before the text said: water, increasing the economic burden. no longer dare to drink this water, and
sampling contracted out to a man named Gui Jinde of Anhui. May be due to the original water purification equipment has been aging, it may be to save water costs, Gui Jinde management Jiujiang Oriental water plant, pumping up from the Meishan Reservoir after,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], even without any purification treatment to directly transfer to the villagers. This situation is more serious last year, especially beginning in May and June of this year, the family began to flow water pipe did this Water out of tap water containing the sediment is too big, a village that even its own sewer pipe is blocked by sediment.
bears many grams of this chapter and the villagers find Lushan District, Jiujiang City, Lotus East Water Limited and the town of representations, but are not yet properly resolved,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 1 yuan in revenue / ton, and now they have to charge the East Water Plant 1.8 yuan / ton. water samples, but then did not feedback on the results, nothing. p>
some immigrant village of the villagers have moved to the town of Lotus lived for 10 years. They told reporters: quality of tap water in previous years, Sometimes the views of a large village, or to check out the above, the East water plant, Jiujiang, Jiujiang City, will be connected to the water company's director, put some clean water.
filter aging is rebuilding

as He Jiujiang Lushan District East Water Ltd from the water so turbid unclear? Is it really as people have said did not even go through any filtering, transported to the villagers not responsible for the use of it?
reporter came to the village with the villagers, not far upstream of the reservoir Meishan Lushan District, Jiujiang City, East Water Limited office. ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Chairman of the East Water Plant is just Guijin De site, some workers are busy assembling a metal box the size of welding equipment container is said to the newly built
explained what he wanted, the Guijin De bluntly told reporters: There are some difficulties. Guijin De explained: Lotus town on higher ground, the other water of the water did not come in reference to, and now is working to update the filter of the device, it is only a temporary use, once the villagers demand for water increases, or not normally supply of water.
water plant recognition: Because of aging equipment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the current water delivery to the villagers without purification. However, sometimes water plant, Jiujiang City, will transport the villagers clean tap water company executives. Guijin De said: to transport one ton of clean water the villagers, to losses of 0.08 yuan. Guijin De said: Lotus town, home town of Granville, Kou Town, the sea will be the town, Yu and other five towns Township home tap water.
Guijin De said: for creation of a pressurized room, the other the introduction of water to the water. but the specific plan has not been approved, only the construction of the pressurized housing to solve the water lotus town some villagers difficult problem. > text / Chart reporter Ping

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