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Piumini Moncler Level 5 80 Private couple abandone

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PostWysłany: Pią 23:36, 11 Mar 2011 Temat postu: Piumini Moncler Level 5 80 Private couple abandone

Homemade wooden

a family of three sheep in the mountains

Metropolis Daily News reporter Liu Hanze

a pair of net worth of 80 millions of small husband and wife, to give 5 floor luxury private ones, insisted on drilling the mountains, trying to build away from the hubbub of the They had never worked as farmers, but land reclamation vegetables, sheep enclosure,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], hope of a
not hiding their return,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], will return to the details of rural life made in online forums. Nearly three months, post more than 90 million clicks amounted to restore the 2 million bar. Attracted users for every visit, they always serve good meat wine, along with climbing picnic.
few days ago, reporters rushed to the market town of Liu Songzi City, close to this young couple felt the
drinking green tea on the net

a cup of green tea, a laptop computer. 20, the reporter saw Zhang Zhiwei, he was lying in a hammock on the street, bathing the warm sun of spring leisurely Internet.
Zhang Zhiwei home in the northwest corner of a piece of open space, it is surrounded by mountains, houses a ditch together with the mountains after the rain, the water flow here Shique suddenly Locals call this place
small doline Liu Songzi City from the market town of only 3 km, about 300 meters above sea level. Surrounding mountains, while not high, but to the infinite in a plain, still very majestic.
Songzi Liu market town located in the southwest of the city, is located in the
travel extensively with my father

1982 from Zhejiang Zhang Zhiwei born in rural areas, primary school,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he followed his father divorced, Liu came to the market town.
market town in Liu, Zhang Zhiwei's father remarried, and started selling the goat business. Zhang Zhiwei teenager, whenever winter and summer vacations with his father will learn to do business, travel extensively.
After high school, Zhang Zhiwei enlist in the army. In 2000, the veterans returned after Zhang Zhiwei Liu field, with his father to do business. South Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi, east to Zhejiang, Fujian, the past few years, Zhang Zhiwei step over the pace of half of China.
to 2004, Zhang Zhiwei, a sale of sheep each year to more than 40,000, the annual income of more than 100 million. Subsequently, Zhang spent more than 100 million, in the town built a 5-story private houses.
80 to move to the mountains

trafficking sheep is a strong seasonal business, the business in the spring and summer off-season, Zhang Zhiwei on the Internet, watching DVDs. Cowboy in American movies, large farms, the North American log cabin, again and again touched Zhang Zhiwei nerve.
2008, the Zhang Zhiwei and 80 after the same girl Songzi Jing married. Once,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], when the azaleas Jing mining mountains,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], accidentally discovered a small doline this place. No people around, but not far from the road; surrounded by mountains, there are dozens of acres of the size of a flat, the couple is like this place, come here often climbing, walking, and sunbathing.
2009, the child is born, Zhang Zhiwei idea of living in the mountains even more strongly: his son to avoid the car to drive to the road, eating their own kind of food and drink mountain springs, free play in the mountains, and that What a happy picture is ah!
2010 年 6 months, after 1 year of age the child, Zhang Zhiwei After consideration, despite his father's objections, his wife, carrying tools, holding the dog, came to the new life.
mountain sheep and chicken

the same time, have not learned the carpenter, he built in just one day to the cabin. Huts built by the tree, three meters high, five or six square meters, when the wind blows, the tree house with the move, like the swing, do not have some fun.
during the day, the couple working together in the evening to chat on the Internet. Zhang Zhiwei not short of money, but he does not want to rest on its laurels here, so they rented a 1,000 acres of forest, which decided to raise chickens, sheep. Next six months, the couple hundreds of million cast in the mountains.
600 goats, 1,000 chickens, all stocked in the morning to open the door, ran their own chickens and goats grazing hill; the evening, they went back to circles.
end of the year, selling most of the goats, Zhang Zhiwei hundreds of thousands of gross income. do not kill a chicken to eat meat, so that their natural reproduction, rest and recuperate.
users are attracted to the Chinese New Year

few months down the mountain step by step rules of life together. Retired and sit time with the wife Zhang Zhiwei, set up a hammock in the woods, tea, Internet, chat, cool ... ...

since December 1 last year, Zhang Zhiwei up the mountain itself and later in life feelings, made famous in the online forums in the End of the World community, was concerned about the tens of thousands of users.
a lot of friends opposed his actions, that is impulsive,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not for long. At the same time, more users, said envy.
Zhejiang friends,
more netizens is Zhang Zhiwei said the couple's life, curiosity, from January this year after another they have friends come home. Whenever friends come, the couple will take them hiking, picnic, really happy. Two months, they received 4 batches of users, a total of 10 people.

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