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Tomb on the tree every person in the sunny applaud

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PostWysłany: Pią 14:21, 11 Mar 2011 Temat postu: Tomb on the tree every person in the sunny applaud

2 13 April, Yu Cheng Renshou County, a rural territory curious thing: a growing resistance in the Southern Song Dynasty tombs on the gold star Yuyun Wen cotton tree, even though the weather comes just as the sun is shining, But if a person standing under a tree talking loudly, clapping their hands or shake the trunk, while a similar drop of the rain will fall down from the trees, when hours old! , last ten days, the daily average number of curious came to see up to 3,000 people.
wonder! Tomb sunny sub-tree According to tomb caregivers - 80-year-old Song Kecheng year old introduction, February 13, there is a pedestrian to worship before the tomb, he led the newcomers in a circle around the tomb, when they talked and laughed in passing from the tomb on the right, suddenly, a burst of rain as the size of soybeans fell from the sky, one sleeve was also unexpected Tree Zeneng rain? Driven by curiosity, the tomb of a pedestrian just climb on top of his head and stood under a tree read unheard of. Surprisingly, as long as people speak loudly or making hands, while the tree would suddenly drop down.
crazy! Daily average of three thousand spectators look curious

Yu Yunwen tomb Treeson sunny day
3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, after nearly an hour on foot, Hundreds of people, we have looked up at the tomb of a pile of about 15 meters high,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], about 15 cm thick cotton tree, as long as people booing scream, scream all will follow, if people take the lead in applause, crowd applause will follow , is followed by cheering crowd: prohibit climbing
the local township government, according to incomplete statistics, from 14 to 6 pm yesterday, a daily average of three thousand curious spectators came from all directions to see a constant stream of pedestrians and all types of vehicles for access to the tomb A township is almost the only road to a standstill. Some people prefer to walk 5 km on foot, but also see what the
appeal: see rare antiquities Qimo trampling

Tomb caregivers Song Kecheng very sad.
Yuyun Wen tomb is the Leshan municipal reserve, because of its remote location, usually fewer tourists come to play, the tomb was more complete protection of all facilities. simply do nothing.
experts: This is the microclimate phenomenon

Yuyun Wen tomb sunny tree superstitious. To this end, local authorities invited climate experts break these subtleties.

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