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39-year-old man accidentally fell back pain disapp

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PostWysłany: Pią 14:22, 11 Mar 2011 Temat postu: 39-year-old man accidentally fell back pain disapp

experts: It may be back in a fall caused by joint, nerve and complete relief, pain disappeared or relieved

big crossing area from two years ago, 39-year-old Dadukou District Cheng Xu a sudden back pain, spent more than twenty thousand yuan, Chinese Western medicine have seen, has been poor. On Saturday, stepped on a banana skin for Cheng Xu, fall, get up, back pain actually better. Yesterday morning, suddenly exclaimed too happy to go to Southwest Hospital, Cheng Xu check, hoping to find the secret was supposed to back pain.
moldy inexplicable back pain, November 2007, Cheng Xu ride home from work, I suddenly felt the back pain, that sat for a long time in the office, home, he cried his wife Liu Nina massage a bit, still in pain, had to sleep sideways.
Liu Nina said that her husband somewhere in the back, Worry about what's wrong, the next day, the couple to re-attached to a hospital health check, no little problem.
Cheng Xu said, after he was back pain, >
halo around the doctor did not improve yo

Dadukou blind massage parlors massage Songqing Lu Qin Guoqiang said that from January 2008 has, in addition to holidays, this massage a small way every day one hour. Qin, said Xu massage for two years to process, so what variation did not find something on his back.
Cheng Xu Lei said friends, who heard the local treatment of pain, whether good far, will be a small way to try. Late last year, Cheng Xu told the Guangzhou Museum of Chinese medicine have private treatment back pain a
Cheng Xu Kuang Fuzhen mother says that her son back pain treatment, spend at least two or three million, Kuang Fuzhen bone stew soup every day for him. have tried, that is, not improve, and community leaders often ask him to help the local treatment of back pain.
god fell tumble up and back does not hurt

on Saturday, Cheng Xu at the roadside waiting for a cab, pay no attention to stepped on a banana peel and fell to the ground. A few minutes later, Cheng Xu, suddenly feeling the hurt back.
After returning home, they tried several times - sleeping, lying, running, hammer, back really does not hurt: back no problems.
TANG Kang, deputy director of Department of Orthopaedics, Southwest Hospital, to analyze, Cheng Xu, the body no problem, back pain for two years was estimated to be sedentary cause muscle strain, back muscle pain due to have a sense of fatigue. Why not check problems, no effect of massage,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], fell to tumble back and not hurt? He judged, may be falling, the psychological and nervous system tension, causing the back of a joint, nerve and complete relief, pain disappeared or eased.

magical illness

■ sight after being struck by lightning

1980 Summer, India, a cataract, the elderly blind At home, was a huge lightning flash down to the ground, knocked a few teeth, head shaking a few minutes. Woke up the next day, the old man found himself see again. Scientists believe that patients in a lightning field, the magnetic field into the eye of insoluble protein soluble protein, removing the cataract.
■ self-cure

According to the British 1 year, the doctor checked him and found that the HIV virus from the strange disappearance of his body, his immune system on its own
■ aroma of the Indian God heal

Indian newspaper reported Dada called the In 1964, the People of the cancer to the hospital to visit a friend. Suddenly felt an intense floral aroma from his armpit. People walking in the ward when the patients have respiratory rise aroma, and when he went to ward the other end, almost all patients stood up. Since then, the mysterious smell of underarm Dada save many cancer patients.
■ veteran experts like Yidu treatment

According to reports, there are 2000 kinds of human skin, skin sores current Chinese National Medical Center, Doctoral Advisor, Government of the State Council special allowance, either in Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine degree, Academic Committee Ouyang Heng, the biggest hobby is for skin diseases. Allow patients to feel incredible, and even a little frightening is that the old Europe with the medicine that heals most of the

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