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Moncler uomo Accidental death of his son to the mo

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PostWysłany: Czw 19:51, 10 Mar 2011 Temat postu: Moncler uomo Accidental death of his son to the mo

Zheng Changgeng finishing 32 years of litigation materials.

32 years ago, 49 year-old mother Xurui E is a heaven wood took his life. 32 years later, the 63-year-old son, Zheng Changgeng finally have the court summons ... ...

32 years ago, his mother suffered an unexpected disaster

root wood fell from the sky after the claimed the lives of mothers, 'happy' a word to us the insulation. tears or eyes.
1978 年 2 months, Zheng Changgeng father, emphysema, was admitted to the First Hospital of Xi'an, when at 17:30 on February 24, his mother and sister to the hospital to visit after the preparation home, head, my sister was also injured, the scene of the people put them to the hospital emergency room, so when I arrived only to see his mother's body, when the mother was 49 years old. Zheng Changgeng said his father injured in an accident that the news of her mother died after her sister, as to withstand the blow, passed away after a year.
At the time, received Zheng Changgeng alarm, the police station on South Avenue, site investigation, after investigation by public security branch Beilin, determined that the accident by the construction side of the first construction company held in Xi'an full responsibility. Zheng Changgeng said angrily, in order to give the mother to have a say, in March 1984 he will be the first construction company in Xi'an Beilin District Court to prosecute.
4 times without hearing the results

have not received the book. reasons, the number of times he went to court less frequently, for unknown reasons, this matter also has not received any reply.
, then formally opened May 13. special uncle rushed over from Henan participate.
2010 年 6 17, July 8, October 15, October 25, Beilin District Court hearing the case four times. Until yesterday, Zheng Changgeng not get the verdict. Venus said that limitation and compensation standards has been the focus of debate.
is about to end in a press interview, Zheng Changgeng about his business experience. He said he was initially developed naval equipment, pre-retirement have been doing research of public safety technology, make him feel the most ironic thing is, the mother in such a public safety incident died together, then he can not, and so many years, He did not hear the responsible unit of an apology.

1, after a lapse of 32 years is too a statute of limitations

under the five provisions, rights of people to the right of the people's court for protection of civil statute of limitations for two years,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], except as otherwise provided by law. A limitation of action knows or should know was infringed upon the right. However, from the right has been violated more than two years from the date of the people's court shall not be protected. Under special circumstances,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the court may extend the limitation period.
Zheng Changgeng rights case for the extension of the mother is a special statute of limitations if the situation? Yesterday, the reporter went to Beilin District Court on this issue, the hospital head of the Policy Research mouth of a non-journalists refused to run an interview with reporters.
but the reporter learned from relevant media reports,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Beilin District Court in 2008 after receiving a reflection of Zheng Changgeng, had organized someone of Zheng Changgeng complaint alleged that year were submitted to find, but could not found. However,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], according to Zheng Changgeng said, and providing the evidence, the court after the case study to be special approval, so that formally opened his re-filled materials.
2,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], solatium standard how to determine

after a lapse of 32 years, took place in 1978, the personal injury case, how should determine the standards solatium?
Zheng Changgeng claims listed include funeral expenses, death compensation, dependents living expenses, for funeral expenses,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], mental damages solatium and other charges totaling 533,582 yuan. Zheng Changgeng said that the introduction of the Supreme People's Court in 1988 on the implementation of the the time of civil laws, policies, when laws, policies, no specific provisions, mutatis mutandis, Civil Law processing. The
3, can apply to the present law

Shaanxi Noll that the law firm Lei Qiming, 1978, the existence of legal gaps in these areas, simply no legal basis. January 1, 1987 2003,
reference to existing law to carry out sentences.
Effect have been made to the referee's personal injury compensation cases for retrial according to the law, does not apply the provisions of this interpretation. Source: Xi'an Evening News

this group of text / Chart intern reporter Zhang Guotao Sun Tingting Yang Zhuo Wang HP

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