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Moncler donna Auspicious wedding wedding snapped u

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PostWysłany: Czw 19:52, 10 Mar 2011 Temat postu: Moncler donna Auspicious wedding wedding snapped u

Mr Yip and his girlfriend, who lives in the urban area for 5 years about love, the parents chase them both recently married, no later than next year. These days, Mr Yip was busy with the hotel provides banquet and found a very sought-after wedding vast majority of urban hotels,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], some hotels are set to 2012, the auspicious first half of next year's banquet difficult to get, not not on the day, the hotel is not desirable.
Yep, after some to try their luck online. A forum in the city's transfer of information forum, he really saw some post wedding assignment. After some negotiations, Yip found a strange phenomenon, some weddings are paid transfer, the transfer will get their fees. He wondered: the Wedding money. Is it really as Mr Yip said, extremely strong in the wedding market in Wenzhou, also appeared in
earn a thousand dollars for sale Wedding

day before yesterday, the reporter said, according to Ip, and sure enough the transfer of information in that forum on the forum and find a lot of transfer of the wedding party post, the reasons for the transfer of most of the Most of the time post details of the wedding, the hotel name, table number and other information.
assignment reporter contacted more than 10 persons,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], most of the transfers were indeed cancel the wedding before for various reasons, the transfer posting. However, a few posters to claim to transfer fee.
One post reads: back marked
Although the feast time has elapsed, the reporter or the identity of the engagement party made contact with the poster, asking the other hand, there is no wedding transfer. The caller said, post on the wedding banquet held in the hands of time before, but there wedding to be on hand for sale. Later, reporters asked each other the marriage date and favorite hotel, said,

Finally, the reporter asked him if he is not
wedding company part-time
The owner admitted that he made the wedding business, but also take into account the transfer of wedding business, that line has been more than a year. Under normal circumstances, he is targeting some of the good old days set six months in advance or even earlier popular hotel wedding, and then resell to earn the transfer fee. As for the transfer amount, he said: also said that there are several hand wedding hotel is currently for sale.
the boss said to do this line are also at risk, transfer does not go out of the wedding.
The owner said, there are considerable number of people doing whether the wedding party are
Most hotels are open eyes closed eyes

It is understood that the end of each peak is married,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], wedding market is often a shortage situation, to the fried wedding of the opportunity. For the wedding transfer, most hotels are open eyes closed eyes.
reporters customer as to whether the wedding book can be transferred to other urban issues consulted some popular hotels. Chinese, New South Asia Hotel (Hotel) of the food marketers have said that
a hotel marketing staff revealed that they frequently encounter wedding day approaches, new book party for a change of name request, this is the feeling, flattering.
the hotel made it clear that there are some Dynasty Hotel staff said that new wedding book, if there are changes you want to cancel, you can come to the hotel 3 months in advance drained away. But it must not be transferred to another wedding, p>
industry associations: do not advocate does not support

Just post prices main tenants earn, and
Some people say, Also expressed that the wedding is actually a transfer of management rights transfer,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as long as you love parties,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I would like,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], nothing to say.
this, Lucheng District Restaurant Association official said, Hotel resources are limited,
the person in charge said the wedding in the actual process of transfer can not be effectively controlled, as is true consumption, whether compelling reasons for the transfer, from the evidence is difficult to confirm. Currently, the act is In this case, they can only say
lawyers: inhibition of this behavior lies in the hotel

Zhejiang Oujiang law firm, said Wang Bing, the relevant provisions. Because the cost of the transfer had become a business behavior,
from a legal perspective, wedding book, the people and the hotel booking form a contractual relationship. Wedding parties to the contract involved the transfer of Acts to suppress this wedding reselling the key in the hotel side. The hotel can offer some inhibition of
Wang Bing also cautioned that if the wedding without the transfer of the hotel recognized the rights and obligations after the transfer occurs, if the services provided by the hotel problem, the assignee's rights will not effectively protected. Huang Yunfeng trainee reporter Wu Yu Jue

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