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Beijing Forum

Origin of the Korea Foundation and the Forum of Peking University has established exchange relations with many years ago, the two sides maintained good relations of cooperation and to promote the Asia-Pacific region for the humanities and social sciences Asia-Pacific Research Core unremitting efforts together. March 8, 2002, the Korea Foundation for gold in the strong Secretary General visit to Peking University on the occasion, President Xu Zhihong of Peking University with the signing of the support and funding of higher education consortium of North Asia business as the main content of the agreement. On this basis, the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Research Institute of Peking University, September 5, 2002, gold in the strong length and Min Fang Zhuren Peking University Council attended the founding ceremony of the Asia-Pacific Research Institute and the Asia-Pacific Institute inaugurated. The establishment of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies of Peking University is a big push, it will make the Asia-Pacific Studies of Peking University to a new height. Since the founding of the Asia-Pacific Research Institute, Beijing University and the Korea Foundation for closer exchanges and cooperation in the relevant areas of academic exchange and research into a substantive stage of development. Asia-Pacific region in order to further promote the Humanities and Social Sciences, General Kim Lie in the October 2002 visit to Peking University on the occasion, made founder of Later, after many consultations and discussions, both sides co-founded the between Peking University and the Korea Foundation for hosting the 23-25 August 2004, the joint efforts of both sides, the theme of Organizations and members of the International Advisory Board: Tae-Won Chey, SK Group Chairman Jeffrey Lehman former president of Cornell University, Richard Levin Yale University President Nelson Mandela of South Africa Former President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak President of Arab Republic of Egypt Federation of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo President of the Republic United Nations Under-Secretary-General Joseph Verner Reed Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of former President Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico States of America, Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan, the small stone Training Objectives of the NPC Standing Committee Vice Chairman Han Qide former vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee before the CPPCC National Committee Luo Haocai Chinese Vice President Wang Mengkui, former director of the State Council Development Research Center of the International Liaison Department of CPC Central Committee Wang Chen Haosu Minister of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Organizing Committee Director: Zhao Fengtong Beijing Municipal Committee, secretary of Beijing Municipal Education Committee of the Council of Min, Peking University Director Kim Lie Korea Foundation Secretary General Deputy Director: Liu Limin, director of Beijing Municipal Education Commission Beijing Foreign Studies University President Hao Ping Wu and executive deputy director of Peking University Council Pan Chi Huisheng, deputy director of Peking University Council Executive Committee: Li Yansong Beijing University President Assistant Minister of International Cooperation, Peking University Members: Kanazawa Korea Foundation for International Scholarly Information Minister Zhao Weimin, director of Peking University, Peking University, Peking University spokesman Chen Zhenya director of the Academic Committee of Foreign Exchange Advisor: Ji, Peking University Professor, Institute of Oriental Studies, honorary president of Peking University, Hung Yong Lee Lee University of California at Berkeley, Columbia University, 1957 Nobel Prize winner, Professor Li Yining of Beijing University, honorary president of Peking University Guanghua School of Management Robert A. Scalapino, University of California Berkeley Professor Tang Yijie professor at Peking University, Dean of the College of Chinese Culture, Professor Ezra Vogel of Harvard University Tu Weiming, Harvard University Professor of Social Sciences Wang Anshun, deputy secretary of Beijing, Beijing University professor Yuan Xingpei, director of the Central Research Institute of Culture, Professor of Peking University Xu, ZHAO Bao Director: Kim Lie Korea Foundation Secretary General Zhou Qifeng Zhao Fengtong president of Peking University, Beijing Committee, secretary of Beijing Municipal Education Commission Deputy Director: Foreign Languages,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Peking University President Hao Ping Pan Wu Chang, executive vice president of Peking University Council, Peking University State Vice President of the Executive Committee: Cheng Yu-decorated member of the Minister of Social Sciences, Peking University (according to the first name alphabetical order) Chen Xingliang Peking University Law School, the Chinese Research Society of Criminology, vice president of Acts in the country Ju Dean of Education, Peking University Beijing University of more than Economic Research Institute, Peking University Academic Committee, Department of History, Peking University, Professor of money by Dan Shen Dan, deputy director of Peking University, Division of Humanities, Professor of English Department of Peking University, Peking University Art School Ye Lang Wang Peking University Jisi Zhang YH, Dean of Peking University Relations Environmental Science and Engineering Dean Professor of Philosophy Department of Peking University, North PKILOSOPHY Secretary General: Yan Jun, Peking University Vice-Minister of International Cooperation, Deputy Secretary-General: Cui Yan, deputy director of Peking University Center for International Exchange Geng Qin, Vice Minister of Social Sciences Department of Peking University, Snow Valley, International Cooperation, Peking University, Senior Program Coordinator, Kang Taishuo Korea Foundation for International Scholarly Division Chief of Pan Qingde Deputy Minister of International Cooperation, Peking University Sun Dragon War Party Propaganda Department, Peking University Beijing, Vice Minister Xu Baiyu University School of Medicine, Deputy Director International Cooperation Department staff: Caili Rong Li, Peking University Beijing Forum Office of the Secretary of the Town, the Korea Foundation for Asia Research Network Editor Wang Peking University, Peking University, Beijing Forum, Beijing Forum, the Office of the Secretary Office of the Secretary Xiao Xuemei Qin Qin Yao, Peking University, Beijing Office of the Secretary of the Music Forum Heng Zhang Peking University, Beijing Forum Office of the Secretary Office of the Secretary of the Beijing Forum Yu Zhang Yuping, Peking University, Peking University Beijing Office of the Secretary of the term Atlas Forum Atlas more extended reading: 1
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Beijing Forum (Beijing Forum) by the China State Council and approved by the Ministry of Education, the city government's guidance and support, from the Peking University, Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Korea Foundation co-sponsored international conferences .
Introduction to the overall theme of Beijing Forum Forum features three world-class organizations, academic institutions and the Forum members of Origin International Advisory Scientific Committee Organizing Committee Secretariat of the overall theme of Beijing Forum Introduction Forum to harmony and common prosperity Forum believe that different civilizations in a peaceful environment is always the intersection of the power source of progress of human society and the fundamental guarantee. First Beijing International Forum on three characteristics, namely, based on the North, for Asia, the world, bringing together world-renowned scholars; the second is academic, that emphasizes the culture and civilization from the perspective of depth-related issues, to clarify the world in advancing the civilization and culture development and the role of social progress; third influence, that is, pay attention to their social benefits, concerns the impact of the real world, causing the resonance of the academic world. Beijing Forum was founded in 2004, an annual event, this year is the sixth Forum in Beijing, so far, from over 60 countries and regions, more than 2,500 celebrities politicians and scholars participated in the academic event. The first annual meeting - in-depth discussion. world-renowned scholars in-depth exchanges. scholars involved in this academic event. Fifth Beijing Forum - universal value and its trend, To Academic forum for world-class academic and Beijing Forum is a world-class cultural center of the academic forum. It is a strong cultural heritage of Beijing as the basis, in the introduction and publication of the world, while high levels of academic achievements, learn and absorb the high level of worldwide research, to develop into a world of great influence, a high standard of academic Forum. Beijing Asia-Pacific Forum is committed to promoting issues of Humanities and Social Sciences, Asia-Pacific region and the world to promote the academic development and social progress,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and contribute to the development of mankind.


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