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sac chanel 2.55/sacs chanel/-Women with high inter

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PostWysłany: Nie 19:45, 13 Mar 2011 Temat postu: sac chanel 2.55/sacs chanel/-Women with high inter

Weimou couple felt wrong, Pianxiang Nanning Police. December 30, 2007, SOUTHERN raise suspicion of fraud by South Branch of Nanning Public Security Bureau in criminal detention. SOUTHERN arrested later, from the huge amount of fraud surfaced. Lured by the high returns in just two years time, nearly 20 people looking SOUTHERN investment business, the amount of up to more than 19 million yuan.
feeding: high returns cited the Only a high school education, she has done insurance salesman, know a lot of friends. Later, she opened in Nanning, a car rental company, their boss. But she did not put effort put into the car rental business, but nowadays most likely to think of the money of the project - real estate, advance credit card overdraft and other financial investments. Lack of funds, changing her brains, they deceive others fictional project pay.

SOUTHERN: We are a gang,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they find me, also written IOU. Borrow money to me, I also wrote a promissory note,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not fraud.
quibble: write a promissory note is not fraud
Liang Yijun Weimou this incident to her husband, Weimou see such a high return, it will be lent to SOUTHERN thousands of dollars. SOUTHERN very disloyal, after a borrower to get Weimou, immediately promised by the original rebate to first pay packet Weimou. Head several times, the repayment date arrives, SOUTHERN also shown with withdrawal.

SOUTHERN some people to lend hundreds of million, received only a piece of paper handy to write on the receipt. Easy to get the money, SOUTHERN have frightened, in order not to be exposed, she was weaving the lies one by one. Is the basic routine of paying the money with a new lie to the old account, then cheated yet again, kept shattering, in the end the number who voted, how much debt, even she can remember.

SOUTHERN: I do not have the money next, if I had not been arrested, my project to make money, you can also to them.

dupe them in many, many couples like Weimou as are tentatively beginning to lend SOUTHERN few million, SOUTHERN beginning also Investment in Vietnam convinced the more the results the whole quilt inside.

actinomycetes: weaving lies demolition of East meeting West
Weimou subordinated to the sweetness of married couples, but also that investment money to SOUTHERN reliable, so a patchwork They have also told relatives and friends, has lent a total of ten times SOUTHERN over 6 million yuan. Also still in the borrow some, SOUTHERN were also the more than 980,000 yuan to the Weimou couple, but there are more than 500 million but can not catch back. September 2007, Weimou couple numerous experiences of finding SOUTHERN pay back the money, but the other party in order Is chasing more, SOUTHERN altogether concealed and Weimou couples.

female liar SOUTHERN need someone to do business everywhere investment as an excuse to In order to obtain the trust, she first made its money-losing high interest to others, after a large number of fraudulent claims we loan. December 30, Nanning City Intermediate People's Court of first instance verdict, to fraud SOUTHERN sentenced to life imprisonment and confiscation of personal property of one million yuan.

course of doing business, SOUTHERN know works in a bank Liang Yijun. One day, SOUTHERN told Liang Yijun, she has relatives in the fire department be a leader, real estate, after acceptance by the fire department to obtain a permit. Her relatives can get, She wanted to do this single business, if the other party is willing to invest money, she can pay per month per million 20-50% or even higher interest rates.
Nanning Intermediate People's Court held that, SOUTHERN high interest as bait, the procedures for fraud to take fiction project, the amount of up to more than 19 million yuan, constitute the fund-raising fraud. Prosecutor accused the fraud charges constituted improper fund-raising, be corrected. December 30, Nanning City Intermediate People's Court sentenced the first instance on the case: SOUTHERN sentenced to life imprisonment by fraud, and confiscated personal property 100 million; of the public security authorities detained SOUTHERN 3,900 in cash and a mobile phone confiscated according to law: order SOUTHERN Weimou restitution payments of 17 people cheated.
host the judge said, use this as bait. The judge also warned that the current performance of various forms of fraud. Some of the banner of For high returns, get rich quick analysis of investment projects to be calm, to avoid being taken in, we must improve the ability to identify and enhance the awareness of rational investment own risk awareness.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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