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Prosecutor stoning field buried pregnant lover

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PostWysłany: Pon 11:32, 28 Mar 2011 Temat postu: Prosecutor stoning field buried pregnant lover

According to reports, GAO Qing-Ping Li Bing was very much in love red, but red Bing reminders every marriage, the high level is always half-hearted celebration. In fact, he does not want, and Bing Hung married, but a real problem facing him: Li Bing red no formal work, and Gao Qing-ping himself is from the countryside to come out, at home, no political background, he has been looking for a background wives, and to lay the foundation for future political prospects.

marries another lost another future

Bing red threat, touched the heart the deepest level of high concern celebrate: the last time, lost their political future in vain, and now finally get up, do not have to throw one more time? If there is no Bing red, his life should be happy, but also a bright political future. Now, in order to keep his reputation, future, family, seemed to be able to get rid of red Bing ... ...

I was transferred Procuratorate, was also expelled from the party, my political future job prospects all gone, I get the CDPF when an ordinary county clerk, when I hit her, killing both her heart. / p>
people familiar said Gao Qing-ping, Gao Qing-ping have been disciplined, the Bing Hung will not trouble any longer.
Gao Qing-ping police launched an investigation. He said he did On the day received a phone red Bing, Li said that to meet, he also agreed to meet in a time it is 7:30 that night, when he rushed to the hospital and did not see Bing red.

this time, no further complaints of red Bing, but told the GAO Qing Ping, she was ill, swollen feet Zhangde not. Finally, Gao Qing-ping took her to the hospital, confirmed that she contracted hepatitis.

The case is under further investigation. (According to

signs that Bing red should be a homicide. So who is to have such hatred for her that a dead two-life?
After investigation, the police confirmed the identity of the deceased: name Li Bing red. As early as July 20, mother of Lee County Public Security Bureau report contained Pianxiang million, 34-year-old daughter, said Li Bing, the red this year due to cirrhosis of the liver on July 5 million from the County of the people in the hospital, she also cherished for 6 months pregnant.但 July 14, she had disappeared, the phone can not contact, only missing the same day sent a text message: Mom, I go out to work, and after medical treatment will be while working side, ill be back if cured, also failed to cure the strange life of the ... ...
Bing Red reluctant to break up, find the high Qing Ping crying, but eventually had to accept this reality. In the meantime, Li Bing Hung find themselves pregnant with a child Gao Qing-ping, and she pleased to see, as long as future generations born Gao,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Gao Qing-ping is not afraid of divorce!
However, 8 years later to celebrate the high level we all think back on track, and rose from the general staff head of the Office for the Handicapped, the Bing appeared in the red again.

However, with the aggravation of the disease Bing Hung, increasing medical expenses, Gao Qing-ping some much. Gao Qing-ping to get in that no medical fee, Bing Hung that he refused to help, think of himself as he paid the youth, but now nothing, Bianxiang Gao Qing Ping showdown: If you do not pay for her treatment, she left her cohabitation high pregnancy for me to tell his wife and units.
police retrieved the July 14 Wanzai County People's Hospital near the surveillance video, police found the red Bing left the hospital, they are very familiar with the side stood a man - Gao Qing Ping. .

Bing Hung's friends after the incident revealed that Bing found himself red in the treatment of illness and has been active, but no formal job she basically can not afford to, get high in the level of financial help celebrate, she seems to see hope in life.

this view, there is no doubt a great flaw. The face of irrefutable evidence video, Gao Qing-ping finally admitted the fact of murder.

1999, the Bing Hung gave birth to sons. She took her son to find the high level requirements celebrate his divorce, was flatly rejected. Bing red mad, Pianxiang million County of discipline, Wanzai County People's Procuratorate report. Ultimately, the decision Wanzai County Procuratorate removed from the high Qing Ping's Procuratorate.

Lake now in line, some people still remember the high level of this love affair celebration.


Prosecutor Fall in love with boss

pregnant women killed by wild

this way, Gao Qing Ping and Li Bing Hung cohabitation two years after the summer of 1998, Gao Qing-ping and the other a woman suddenly decided to marry each other regardless of family background, economic fundamentals than the Bing Hung superior.
informed sources, in 1995, when he was 22 years old or local high school at Hing Ping, a substitute teacher. That year, Wanzai County Prosecutor's Procuratorate external recruitment, Gao Qing Ping comprehensive examinations in one fell swoop. For outstanding performance in 1996,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he was transferred to strains of the People's Procuratorate Wanzai Lake County Attorney Office work, which met in line during the open lake street clothing store Bing Hung 20 year-old girl, after a brief fall in love, the young couple living together the.

friend said Gao Qing-ping, Gao Qing-ping then the punishment has been forgotten 8 years ago, began to care about the red Bing sympathy, not only pay to Li treatment, the two had secretly living together. This year in February, Li Bing Hung pregnant, Gao Qing-ping, after that, do not believe that a child is their own.

So why the high Qing Ping lay violent hands on an unarmed pregnant woman do? It all began in the high Qing Ping and Li Bing's love of red to begin with.

August 24 this year, construction workers in the County of Jiangxi Yichun City in the Village Leisure Zhenjiang port next to an abandoned battlefield The body of a woman found in bushes. State was highly decomposed body of a woman has, the police also found a pregnant woman whose body is the cause of death deadly force should have been hit in the head.
Jiuqingfuran pregnant again

July 14 this year, Gao Qing-ping call always has Wanzai County People's Hospital Bing treatment cheated out of the room red, red was not looking to take advantage of Li Bing, Lee hit the head with stones until death, and drag the field buried. He then took the red Bing issued cell phone text messages to her mother, lied to Lee to work out the hope that her family will not find a report.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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