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Primary school 31 hours after the abduction to esc

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escape at home after a day off

Xiaojun father on the phone confirmed that more than 8 o'clock last night, was kidnapped son had their own home. But he also stressed that even though children back, still did not break the kidnapping,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the police are still trying to track down the kidnappers. Because the process of being frightened in the kidnapping,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Xiao-Jun emotional impact of school yesterday, did not, stay home and rest, is not convenient to be interviewed. Yesterday afternoon, the school head teacher Professor Yang and Xiaojun came home to visit and understand the situation.
home general process.
witty self-help:

nails ripped bundled tape

10 日 下午 1 pm, in front of the flower beds next to the toy store, Xiao-Jun was hold on the motor ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], two men caught in the middle of the direction toward the Cave gallop. Xiao-Jun to their families and teachers recalled that in the motorcycle, he was the kidnappers tied hands and feet, also used pieces of cloth on the other side of his eyes, I do not know how long to be brought in a rental. He remembers vividly the way there is no change.
. Xiaojun told them to dinner time, the kidnappers to bring food for him, letting him sleep the sleep, like not fierce, just call his parents for ransom, the aggressive head so that he answered the phone, .
talk about the process of escape, Xiao-Jun recalled, the day before yesterday evening, his hands are firmly tied plastic tape, no one was trapped in the house keep. You can also feel your fingers activities, Xiao-Jun in the dark fingernails continue to use the program tape, the wide tape tear slowly one by one. Slightly loose, he forced a earn, even broke away. He immediately untied the feet tied, went to the window and opened the window, screaming for help.
heard shouting nearby, close to the house hands to open the door, release the trapped Xiaojun. Xiao-Jun a man went to the roadside, stopped a taxi and the car went straight quarters at home, when home is more than 20:00.
strange kidnapping shady

1. Kidnappers are not looking at Xiaojun?
and Xiao-Jun little boys live in a building super, said before the start in the Xiao-Jun, the kidnappers are still on a moving motorcycle lean hand to his cousin, trying to catch him, outsmarted jumped after the car, the nearest pick up Xiao-Jun to escape. Kidnappers kidnapping, in the end was spotted Xiaojun start, or which operator which Laozhuo?
2. Million ransom just casually asking price?
Xiaojun home mother said the kidnappers called the evening, the opening of 100 million. Know too much or the kidnappers are wild speculations? It seems the Professor Yang, Xiao-Jun family in general.
3. To escape what no one keep?
Xiaojun tear tape to escape, no one keep the rental, the two kidnappers is temporary off-site, or the self-inductance acting brought to light,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], fled down? Xiao-Jun window for help, the rescuer easily break: Two kidnappers How could this be the effect?
primary school lunch hosted by the parents of all ages

Cave Oasis Primary School Campus Professor Yang century introduced a class because of the recent focus on the emergence of several cold sick, to avoid infection, the school made new states: Starting this week with the abolition of school lunch, all students go home from lunch. The next day the new regulations of the lunch break, took place on the roadside outside the school students were the issue of abduction.
If parents too busy to take students home for lunch, many people prefer the child care center by the school next to the custody of care. Opposite the gate of the century is an oasis of care center, the center director Shen, the full custody of their lunch break, generally will not have accidents.

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