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Piumini Moncler Two disabled people protested at t

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PostWysłany: Pon 22:19, 14 Mar 2011 Temat postu: Piumini Moncler Two disabled people protested at t

Small Paper's father is giving his daughter to wear prostheses. In 2007,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Lanzhou, small leather flying a car accident treatment, refused to delay treatment right leg amputated. Pu Feng newspaper profile picture taken

(Reporter Liu Zhen Ni Lu Man) the day before yesterday, two people with disabilities want to take the deep-Shenzhen flight machine to fly from Beijing to Shenzhen, Shenzhen Airlines for a manager to When people with disabilities can not leave Coordinated, Shenzhen Airlines come up with a disclaimer,
yesterday,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Shenzhen Airlines official said, when passengers buy tickets as inform people with disabilities, the crew can prepare in advance. Company provides no ability to walk by the passenger transport service is not currently available, but special circumstances can communicate.
be advised when boarding pass 改签

Shenzhen, said the public Liu Jingwen, the day before noon, he and two disabled Zhengwei Ning, Liu Haijun to the airport counter to check in Shenzhen Airlines .
at the counter, Liu Jingwen was a staff member asked whether the two people with disabilities completely unable to walk, p> then need to consult the staff said. Liu Jingwen then the answer is that under the provisions of Shenzhen Airlines, a step can not walk, then, can not fly, and to persuade them to be endorsed to other flights.
ZH Liu Jingwen then find the manager on duty. Duty manager to understand the situation said,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such as an accident, completely without the ability to walk who can not leave the cabin in time. Both theories without results, the duty manager to leave, Liu Jingwen said that coordinated, Shenzhen Airlines come up with a disclaimer,
Yesterday, Liu Jingwen made micro-Bo expressed the hope that Shenzhen Airlines to modify the relevant provisions of the disabled to board and apologize.
Shenzhen Airlines said that for security reasons

yesterday, Shenzhen Airlines said, according to CAA regulations, people with disabilities should be consistent with provisions of the airlines fly. According to the provisions of Shenzhen Airlines, have a disabled passenger.
the person said, a certain action such as Zheng Weining ability of people with disabilities,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], should be applied 36 hours before a flight.
the source said, ZH provides the ability to walk is not completely free service for passengers,

a random search on the Internet, people with disabilities to be the taxi, the aircraft rejection of the news a few, but they still continue to occur, it is because a lot of people with disabilities in the rights and interests are infringed upon Very few people persist in using legal means to protect their own interests, people with disabilities also need more - User In other countries,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], some of the aircraft ahead of time online seat selection is marked with a special priority to disabled it, why can not some of the provisions and international standards it? - User from all kinds of trouble, Huang Jian Cheng's experience of empathy.
the company provides tickets for three days in advance booking required special services, Huang Jian that such a provision is not flexible.
Sunland mentioned in the blog, better services in a number of airlines, as long as you need a wheelchair, positions - the destination - the wheelchair service to get the first time from the warehouse door of the aircraft cabin - were holding the plane to sit on his wheelchair ... ... a standard service standards.
■ Case

● 2006 年 1 月

Jiuquan City junior high school female students in a small skin,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], broken right foot in a car accident, need as soon as possible an operation in Lanzhou arrived at the airport by Hainan Airlines rejection. Delay was due to the small skin area right leg amputated.
● 2008 年 6 月

actor Wang Ji's son suffering from congenital mental retardation, accompanied by the grandmother take Air China flights to fly back to Beijing from Los Angeles when he was crew safe Both the grounds by the plane.
● 2009 年 9 月

old German woman Gusche boarding pass at the Kunming airport, when you can not take on board the aircraft because of its wheelchair, accompanied by tour guides and include Gusche WANG 5 guests, including the elderly stranded airport.
● 2010 年 12 月

leg some 10-year-old girl with disabilities Le (a pseudonym) for failing to hospitals above the county level certificate issued by the appropriate opportunity, in Henan Zhengzhou International Airport To take Xiamen Airlines flight refused.
■ Laws

special passenger airlines need to agree

unaccompanied children, sick passengers, pregnant women, the blind, deaf and other special visitors or prisoners, only in accordance with the carrier (airline) under the conditions agreed to in advance by the carrier and make arrangements as necessary to carry the rear. transmitted ill, mentally ill or likely to endanger their health or safety of the passengers of other passengers, the carrier no carrier. According to the relevant provisions can not take advantage of the passengers, the carrier the right to refuse the opportunity, have purchased tickets on a voluntary refund processing. reasons for refusal. have the opportunity to provide conditions for persons with disabilities requires a written explanation, the carrier shall, within 10 days after refusing to provide transportation. nature but should be user-friendly not by transport

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