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piumini moncler Exposing children begging to be co

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PostWysłany: Nie 2:39, 13 Mar 2011 Temat postu: piumini moncler Exposing children begging to be co

Corner of the classroom the children hung pictures of a happy life in the relief stations
kids are excited to see a reporter
lens where they fell in love with learning
swim very happy

newspaper Xuehai reporter walked into the home of Hope Community Yunnan Save the Children Service Center, begging children blew was forced to steal ... ... begging children in the country concerned,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the reporter walked into the Yunnan Province yesterday, Save the Children Home of Hope Community Service Center, to listen to a few kids The reporters found that, for them, those of painful experiences such as nightmares still haunted them.
Yunnan Province, home of Save the Children of Hope Community Service Center Assistant Center (hereinafter referred to as the home of Hope) Director Zhengya Xin said that from 2004 to 2010, the House of Hope has sent 299 rescue and children home, many of which are is / p>
Age: 11 years old

Birthplace: Sichuan

long been wandering father beat

Xiao Ming (not his real name) looked so tiny, but loud voices in particular, every time the camera lens at yourself, he would excitedly shouted.
2008 年 7 1 March, he first came to Hope House. Staff told reporters, Little ran out soon after came, over time will come back. wandering outside to pick up plastic bottles for a living. He said he is often bullied, Older children will rush to sell waste his money, and even later forced him to steal something.
Little said, controlling his grasp the big kids, the result was again beaten. Want to remember him most is that some older children also molested him.
Xiao Ming, after each time they are bullied by older children, they ran back to center, but soon, Xiao Ming will run out of center,
character file

Name: Little Ling

Age: 6 years old

Birthplace: Guizhou

early into the House of Hope does not speak very resistant

late one night last year, wandering the small train station in Kunming Ling (a pseudonym) sent home by two police Xin.
first entered the home of Hope, the little guy on the staff was to resist. Who lives where? Home and some people? He not and will not say.
Xin services in accordance with practice at home, the child to the center of the first 3 days, the staff will give children enough space and time freedom, for the same small-Ling. After a whole month of contact and guidance, the staff finally the mouth of small Ling, learn some information, which is this very valuable so that small Ling found the parents, the family can be reunited.
character file

Name: Jill

Age: 12 years old

Birthplace: Guangxi

can go go to school like a dream

like a dream! Jill said that he arrived in Kunming,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and a new understanding of playing with a small partner to be a big Seventeen-year-old children to the told him
Later, older children let his guard.
Jill said, now come home Xin,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], older children can not find him, will not be forced to steal things.
character file

Name: Xiaotao

Age: 12 years old

Birthplace: Stone Forest

not discuss the money tied up beaten

and Xiao-Ming, Jill different Xiaotao (a pseudonym) for money, flower, have experienced almost everything.
that family, Xiaotao red-eyes said: , followed by scavenging for a living, the way to the Dali,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Lijiang and other places.
Xiaotao forget is that most so, he was two men and a woman to One day, cold and hungry Xiaotao to the penny did not discuss, is anxious,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the passing of a middle-aged women, do not listen to the other party has explained, shouting
Xiaotao said that he was removed in 2008 fled to Kunming, the friends wandering into the house of Hope. After Xiaotao has run out several times, Xiaotao said he liked school, reading, traveling different places to go ... ...

◆ rescue data ◆

House of Hope last year, sending 19 children to go home
Zheng Yaxin to reporters provided a from 2004 to 2010 statistical data rescue service for children, 7 years, children in public services at home 969 times Xin.
reporter noted that in 2010, 108 home visits in the Garden of Hope services, funding 42 school children, 19 children back home, these include 6-year-old Ling.
Zheng Yaxin to reporters cited two examples in which they want to send a street children home, kids just say that his home in the , the staff have not been able to find the child's home; and another child, though found the family, but surprisingly, the family actually said to them: earn pocket money ... ... Xin office on the wall of the sentence. Zhengya Xin said that in her participation in the work of Save the Children a few years, she learned more about the living conditions of children begging and mentality. She insisted that in order to help these children to help these children need a long period of time.
Zhengya Xin said that in their contact with children, trafficked children really only a small part, and most are due to family reasons or other reasons children run away from home, these children also have had Hope came home begging children, no matter how difficult, the staff will conduct visits, until you find the child's family. Zheng Yaxin to reporters last year they sent home about two children, one of which is that families are too poor to run out of their own, and the other one, because their parents divorced, was brought out of relatives, and ultimately, the home of Hope have helped two children back home, but let them worry about is how do these kids get home?
Zhengya Xin said in the past few years they have been exploring how to truly help these children? Lately, she has been concerned netizens launched a
for what is expected of this action? Zhengya Xin said: a very long time ... ... children, compared with the number of street children,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this is a very small number, but we can only have been efforts to change with time and patience to the children! Spring City Evening News)

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