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moncler uomo Brother accused of sharp social and m

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Uncle Cheng Guanghua

■ Express reporter Wang Jianping / Ventura

New Year's Day period, the Express reporter contacted the two days, after repeated communication, and finally saw the
Cheng Guanghua Cheng Guorong did not allow reporters to see, but with the press meet in a coffee shop in Nanchang, and asked reporters not to take with him when they meet other people.
carefully review the reporter's press card, work permits, identity cards,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and note the press card, identity card number, he began to be interviewed. His words carefully, and do not allow reporters recording. He said he had to reporters as relatives, and now they are afraid of reporters, afraid of being hurt. Cheng Guorong the media wanted to interview as often, he often shut down or transferred to the phone message states, the phone is also very careful,
media Shunde trip began.
Cheng Guanghua said Cheng Guorong called of all, and some want him as the spokesperson, and some want him as a film actor, Andy Lau wrap to keep him as the star.
Cheng Guanghua frankly, on these temptations, and his nephew Cheng San was touched, but not to expect.
2010 年 5 months, after repeated selection, Cheng Guanghua accepted the invitation of an enterprise in Shunde, with Cheng Guorong involved in the business activities. According to Cheng Guanghua that he has reason to accept such business activity in which the other party in good faith. , the work will be built up his confidence. their words and I think together, and let him into society as soon as possible, we first take into consideration. in the contract with that enterprise, he specifically asked the other: all the activities can not be detrimental to the image of Cheng Guorong not defame, distort Cheng Guorong, all interviews must obtain the consent of their families.
But the fact is, Cheng Guorong a stage, to his great harm.
, especially for Cheng Guanghua difficult to accept that, some media of report This allows Cheng Guanghua
the third day, Cheng Guanghua Cheng Guorong left with Shunde,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], back to Nanchang.
Media Relations rattling

Nevertheless, Cheng Guanghua Cheng Guorong soon or with a number of media attended the event, but these activities, Cheng Guanghua further strained relations with the media, even to the tense state.
the conflict the most serious one, he and Cheng Guorong at a television station in Hunan with a program that appears when participation.
According to Cheng Guanghua said the day program in a Cheng Guanghua told reporters, Cheng Guorong Shunde trip, Cheng Guanghua strong views on this, he felt that day Cheng Guorong was not nervous, for which he decided not to answer,
Cheng Guanghua said that seeing the other side, then asked: Do you express your recognition of silence, like you around to participate in activities with Cheng Guorong, is not he is a
Cheng Guanghua fire, he immediately to the man, Cheng Guanghua, if you think that Cheng Guorong to the emotional tension of this occasion,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], why invite him to participate in such programs? According to Cheng Guanghua said, his words because the entire program very
Henceforth, Cheng Guanghua Cheng Guorong almost no involvement with the media and corporate events. shunned the media, untouchables, still does not work do I hide?

News, said Cheng Guorong a business in Shanghai reached an exclusive agreement, In the company's website,
Cheng Guanghua on the Express reporter, said his behavior to business very disgusted with this speculation, he even said, Cheng Guanghua introduced the summer of 2010, Shanghai, Cheng Guanghua find a business, put forward with the launch of Cheng Guanghua statement to reporters, and there is no Second, companies with them that the contract covers only three years to allow the other party decorations using Cheng Guorong Fuzhuanghuofu portrait, Cheng Guorong do not participate in other social activities related to publicity and because the media is not suitable for Cheng Guorong reporters, also can not give cause Cheng Guorong negative, not to create scandal.
Cheng Guanghua specifically mentioned, the other party to the compensation is limited.
According to Cheng Guanghua said that a month ago, the other party had invited him to go to Shanghai with Cheng Guorong, which he politely refused, Later, Cheng San,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in his case did not know, with his brother Cheng Guorong went to Shanghai and met with the manufacturers, but did not participate in related activities. far beyond the original scope of the agreement, to confuse our very identity of this practice.
and Cheng San Referring to the matter, simply said: thousands of times less on the Cheng Guanghua repeatedly stressed to reporters: first, Cheng Guorong is not a cash cow,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], even if that process did not shake the family any money, , less than the thousands of outsiders on the legend of times, that money, not enough brass tea meal money. to
Cheng Guanghua patiently again and again told reporters that earn money for Cheng Guorong, Cheng Guorong control over is I, Pengcheng Xiu's name and his mother bank, the current manager is Cheng San, me and others to exercise oversight responsibilities.
Cheng Guanghua said, and Cheng Guorong live in Nanchang, in their own homes, but also hide the media and business considerations, causing distress. and a variety of business people, with varying purposes, talk of cooperation, his mother and younger brother and cultural level is not high, it may Mabu Kai sensibilities, agreed to these requirements of enterprises,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which Cheng Guorong very bad. let him stay in Nanchang, a city so large, it is difficult to find him. Meanwhile, he run on both sides of the rural city, from time to time a change, Ye Hao for his recovery.
sharp Brother Cheng Guanghua told reporters, Cheng Guorong body no problem now, the biggest problem is confidence,
for Cheng Guorong future, Cheng Guanghua said that everything depends on the will of his nephew,
reporters back to Guangzhou, Cheng Guanghua has called several times, he said: reports, for He now helps Cheng Guorong, Stand and not because he is a

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