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One month in jail after their release, failure to open his own restaurant, Jane Yu Lok feel wronged. Southern reporter Wang Zirong photo

September 3 this year, on suspicion of involvement in the Longgang District Pinghu Street A month later because of insufficient evidence,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Jane Yu Le was acquitted, but the painstaking efforts of the restaurant closed down because he lost his freedom. Until yesterday, Jane Yu Le still not get state compensation, the restaurant has not been closed down in damages.
eating rice was taken away for investigation

Jane Lok Yu, 34, Guizhou, Chef of the Year March 13, he led his wife, the children start from Beijing to Shenzhen . April 1, Jane Music Xixiang Street, Bao'an District, Yu and bell housing market management at the contract,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they rented premises to open his own restaurant.
According to Le Chien Yu said that this year at 12:00 on September 3 or so, they are eating a family of three, two men entered the store Huangtian police station claiming to be police, showed the documents, the two men went to Jane Yue Yu police station a, asked Le Chien Yu said
detained for a month the restaurant closed down

energy are in the restaurant, but also the child on May 30 by a car rolled off his leg, she and her husband would also like to find the perpetrators, how can the energy to defraud.
Le Chien Yu recalls in custody, police looking for him twice,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], one is to extend the detention time to allow him to find a guarantor, who have repeatedly defended himself to the police is innocent, but police would not believe. However, the afternoon of Oct. 3, Jane Yu Le was released,
was released for lack of evidence. To this end, Jane Le Yu took the road of the claim, he said, loss of freedom, he and his family are affected by mental injury,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], mental anguish claims it costs 1 million; by the state police to pay compensation to his more than 3,800 yuan; for Restraints on a month to wear handcuffs legs caused by injuries, the police bear the consequences of medical expenses; invest in the restaurant took over 80,000, the police bear the consequences of the loss.
Longgang Police: No problem accordance with the law program

the face of Jane Le Yu claims, Longgang police only agreed to the State Compensation 3762.9 yuan, while Le Yu apology to Jane, to the extent appropriate for the Le Chien Yu eliminate the impact of rehabilitation.

this, Longgang Police said the release of Jane Le Yu is not to say its right,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but the lack of evidence, Jane Le Yu suspicion of a Diaobao fraud in detention, the victims know that Jane Le Yu's name, but identified the Jane Le Yu, why they do online fugitives, was arrested after Jane Yu Le, a pre-trial sector that only those who identify and accomplices at large the evidence is insufficient, so the music release of Jane Yu.
of Longgang police, Le Chien Yu said that it has filed for administrative reconsideration to the higher authorities.
have written: Southern Reporter Feng Lei

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