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sac chanel pas cher/sac a main chanel/-Professor F

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PostWysłany: Sob 2:08, 12 Mar 2011 Temat postu: sac chanel pas cher/sac a main chanel/-Professor F

computer was open on the table, the page has been opened, it is the media these days about

not calm the storm recruiting online and open the original performance

Guoxue a bit tired recently genius

the reference to Kun Sun, see the exceptional admission, signed an and purpose to determine, the report called been behind the things reporters bickering will continue to be in this, our intention to debate, and have no right to determine the merits and demerits, but, for a profound love of Sinology, and possessed A cherish loving point of view, to provide a loose soil, allowing him a wider expanse, more free, more inclusive environment, and realize their for eternal peace for
(新 报 陕西 西安 电)

Guoxue knowledge contest - One of the two first prize winners;
Shanxi University in the media that made it clear, The Bainianlaoxiao learning, and there is nothing bad, but thanks so open-minded, Shanxi University, after school we will actively communicate with schools, children and teachers to discuss the options with which professional. incident, Shaanxi see Kun Sun was originally a fresh high in the third year of a graduate of Fudan University in November 2009 designed for the self-enrollment test,
Talking about the interview, see Kun Sun, s Research to Mr. Zhu Dongrun, from . Although the fight several times, Fudan University, but due to strict rules-Admissions Shaanxi Province and eventually see Kun Sun, Fudan University, or missed.

because he is a recent college entrance examination

Recently, the To Sun Jia is an endless stream of media interviews. Although well aware of media interest and attention, but Sun's mother also hope that the phone interview, so you can see the Sun Kun from interruptions to September 11 for a reported will need to prepare and adjust status, the second to leave where he is modifying his book
taking two in Shaanxi Province after the commencement of Kun Sun see the file was sent to the Shanxi University School of Law. See the original Sun Kun addition to participating in the self-enrollment, Fudan University, also has the history of professional Shanxi University, as a second choice, but this has been to continue down the road in the National Studies of the boy, no one thought he would be transfers to the School of Law, and not wish, and legal time soon.

chat reminisced for a while, China Central Television replayed the news so that we lost in static air up. Kun Sun shot standing in his study, see, is under CCTV reporters. Looked at the lens of their own, Sun's mother was a little shy quipped: > See Kun Sun's study, in addition to those thin thick books, there is a fascinating corner of the eye - on the shelves 哆 啦 A Dream Zone, filled with a variety of the above, large and small, 哆 啦 A dream.
farewell Shanxi University, Fudan grateful

with the But on his blog an Autobiography, and perhaps allow us to see a real, see Kun Sun: President of Broadcom, is beginning to have a good Guoxue. Twelve-year-old Mr. Wang Jingan read Dynasty draft political history. Ya, p> This release text / photo journalist Li Guohui
youth do not know
2010 年 8 月 28 Afternoon, Xi'an, see Kun Sun home.

and others had hoped to have a
provide more choice, if he came up and made transfer line to report an application, the school will agree to the History Department,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Department of Chinese initial public liberal arts classes or studying. daily to 11, will officially transfer to the Department of Shanxi University, made an application.
staff said that the media previously reported that some exaggerated. First, the Sun, see Kun participating in this requirement.

see Kun Sun is indeed famous.
, of course, Father Sun, Sun's mother did not want to accept the door interview, there is another trouble - holding, we feared he would become impetuous up. So, after repeated efforts finally reached the Sun Jia, Sun's mother asked to see the press after the first said:
a move that less than ten square meters of the house, there is an scholarly nostrils. Bookshelf, desk, cabinet, or even the heap on the floor of the large and small cardboard box, see Kun Sun lay piled like or need to refer to access to the books, only to pedestrians leaving a narrow channel. Because it does not fit, there are some books to storage elsewhere. I heard a reporter from Tianjin, one of the boy immediately open read
see Kun Sun just entered the house where the plot, a few middle-aged face of the way, that interview with Sun reporter made a special trip to see coming all the way from Tianjin Kun, showing they do not look too surprised: This is not to just sit down at the press into the house shortly after my father's cell phone rang Sun, and finished family's address, he smiled and explained: to see this.
Guoxue solid foundation he has been Professor of Literature and History, Fudan University eight unanimously approved, although the entrance to play a disorder, Fudan University, decided to admit the difference between an exception 6 points Guoxue talent, but because of Shaanxi Admissions play by the rules, refusing to release, and ultimately he just received a two - Shanxi University School of Law offer.

Guoxue juvenile only to ease reading
recent media called However, later gave left many enduring celebration. such a person, is the real genius, and I ... ... . And he is not what we call CCTV interview after fame to do

classical open Bo

Kun Sun, see the room filled with favorite books and 哆 啦 A dream. Kun Sun
to see the pictures of Fudan University for an interview. Admissions
rejection of Shaanxi Province, to see Kun Sun lost the opportunity to Fudan. He is a large CCTV

Therefore, in the Sun father seems to happen after driving through the media, such an outcome is considered successful, after all, the child is indeed a side branches, and indeed scored the one with the Shaanxi Province Line 6 points worse.
once the media, his favorite toy is called Kun Sun see this smile, said: Cat.
topic also followed to a book, bring lasting bonds with the book, you have to be traced back to Sun, see Kun's grandfather, and the late Qing Dynasty in Shandong old Chinese medicine, to future generations to leave a lot of wire-bound classics. See Kun's grandfather Sun building support for the Northwest and settled in Xi'an, the Sun back to his hometown in Shandong, it will bring some. Finally, the book becomes a primer in the small See Kun. While some traditional characters is not easy to understand, but it puts him with a young fan.

And in the event there is not a final conclusion, when the p>
8 is professor wrote, report came out, a Guoxue genius The subjective conjecture ... ...
position, Shanxi University, and after school can see Kun Sun will choose their appropriate professional; Sun see Kun clear, September 11 will also report to the Shanxi University. Seeing this sudden change
after two rounds of interviews, see Kun Sun, Fudan University was included in the list of independent enrollment enrollment in trials, and as long as he scored Fudan University.
the same as other children her age, see Kun Sun also like the Internet, listening to music. Of course he is more of the Internet to find information and Taoshu. The reference to your favorite music,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this little fat boy pointed to the wall posters in the cool guy - Jacky.
Professor of recommendations, the enrollment in schools were discussed at the meeting. After school consent, also formally sent a letter to the Admissions Shaanxi Province, and the other very seriously considered. But 'liberal Cup' clearly written on the statute to have a This line was accepted, Shaanxi Admissions consideration that does not meet the conditions stipulated in the constitution does not conform to the conditions put on file. against Fudan interested, please apply for Fudan University, his graduate student. Superior


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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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