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Police killed in the streets of wild boar with mic

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PostWysłany: Pon 17:40, 14 Mar 2011 Temat postu: Police killed in the streets of wild boar with mic

while another wall on the side of the door in a restaurant, Zhongshan work Mr. Gao said, in fact, that wild boar he was at 19:00 on the 27th to found. He was the edge of a forest at the edge of the wall to see the wild boar, the first thought it was a large dog, such as is found after he approached a pig, pig is constantly rooting edge of the woods in search of food, Later, because he will not pay more attention to dark. At this time, consider themselves a home in Anhui Province killed a pig to help his father Huang, offered to help with uniforms that wild boar head injuries, but police stopped.

Yesterday 10:30 Xu, reporters rushed to the Nanjing Zhongshan Gate, was more than 10 people chased a wild boar, has been Baixia Ruijin Road police station were surrounded by hills in the south of Zhongshan on the door a boxwood tree.

speculation that a possible origin of a mystery from the Purple Mountain

wild boar in order to prevent injuries, police also cordoned off the scene to prevent the surrounding disturbed the public free access to wild boar.

police used , with the
Master Xu told reporters: estimated that the wild boar have been exhausted, the gang go after at least two hours, injuring a leg of pork, along the direction of finger master Xu,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], journalists can only vaguely see a black pig and wild boar can not see the whole picture.
arch down 3 times ferocious wild boar sanitation workers
Xu chief also suggested that wild boar are now too much damage to crops and may also hurt, Zhejiang, Anhui, has introduced policies to allow in certain areas be limited to the boar to kill, to limit their number, the province will also be introduced next year, the relevant legislation on the protection of wild boar, while limiting their rapid growth, while damage to residents property and causing bodily harm, the Government will be appropriate to give some compensation.

guess 2 may be lost in transit eating wild boar
Zhongshan Mausoleum Authority Deputy Director Liu Shuwen garden told reporters, , workers have repeatedly been found wild boar appeared, because there on that nursery workers planted crops such as potato and soybean, so the wild boar when crops may be eaten by the workers to see.

reporter Li Haiyong

taken to the police for the killing of public safety, from where one o'clock a mystery
then, a sanitation worker wearing a yellow hat, Xu master arrived on the scene, the reporter noticed that the jeans worn by Master Xu left a lot of bloodstain. About 9:00, he saw a pig weighing 100 kilos, is by a group of people armed with wooden clubs and steel walls of chasing from the foot of the hill the gate bolted, then went to Zhongshan Gate pig cell door When getting a little crazy, as long as it was to swing, it immediately to its collision with the head.

as of press time last night, the reporter to contact the police again under the white, they said, was shot dead wild boar, Zhongshan door transport should be someone domestic consumption of wild boar lost his way, after the police have killed the wild boar were frozen, waiting for the owner came to reclaim them. In addition, the police explained that due to the relatively aggressive pigs, when the police catch the dog with a lasso several times to control wild pigs can not be successful when there was almost injured police, when taking into account the safety of the surrounding area residents and passers-by to consult before deciding shot and killed. The busy port yesterday, Zhongshan Gate in the end there is the Purple Mountain native wild boar wild boar or wild boar and transit of Migration to escape domestic boar one o'clock mystery.

owners, according to Xuhui Jiang, in recent years the environment changed for the better, within the East Jiangning good bridge, mountains in the vicinity of the first wild boar cattle growing, with around Lishui, Liyang area Gaochun and wild boar and flocks of Boar eating the villagers down the mountain when something crops up when one can be down with dozens of wild boar, the destruction of crops to farmers is also a great area, and sometimes even several dozens of acres of acres of crops were ruined once horrendous. However, like yesterday, so, wild pigs broke into the main city of Nanjing is the first time I heard downtown. According to his analysis, this may be the first wild boar living in the vicinity of the Purple Mountain, because cold foods reduce risk in order to find food only broke into the downtown, is also possible that migration from the surrounding mountain boar.

heard the gunshots, to watch the few old aunt and asked police: pig with a long beak, brown fur and a small tail, wild boar and other obvious features, wild boar bullet holes above his left eye from time to time the blood flow. See the wild boar was killed, it was questioned that this is not the State protect the animals? Police said that after the shot has been approved. A crowd of men joked: After the police left, we still talk, the process may be checked accidentally slip out, but guess go guess, after all, there is no right answer.
police arrived from 10 am to 1 pm close, constant contact police station Hongshan Forest Zoo in Nanjing and Nanjing Agriculture and Forestry Bureau, the Hongshan Forest Zoo adoptions are limited, were dropped, After the provincial forestry departments and layers of Nanjing instructions,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to prevent attacks of wild boar with downtown wounding, then transferred to the police under the white police gun shot on the implementation of measures for wild boar.
get some meat for sanitation workers to Xu Jinglei also picked up a stick, joined the rush on this pig head and rounded up in the streets. the nearby hillside. After police arrived, they realized that this is wild boar.
for the origins of this wild boar, Jiangsu Province, Secretary-General of the Wildlife Conservation Society, the provincial chief of Wild Animal Protection Station Xuhui Jiang said, there are many wild boars in the Jiangsu region group, plus two national protected animals are wild boar, in Nanjing is protected animals is strictly prohibited without permission to kill people. Therefore, in recent years some areas have emerged in Nanjing boar disaster phenomena. Zhongshan Gate of the wild boar, along the mountain most.
Police use Li Haiyong

pig the night before to find a trace


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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