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moncler Women members of the public to help catch

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PostWysłany: Nie 19:15, 13 Mar 2011 Temat postu: moncler Women members of the public to help catch

recent buzz about the citizens of Nanjing Pharaoh, only to be a statement. It turned out that last July he was walking, he suddenly flew to himself and a woman come to see young women in the back crying Wang later learned that this is a small young couples, when the two are trouble, is not Zhuahuai Ren. Later, this young couple readily paid the medical expenses. Pharaoh that their acts are courageous, but the Samaritan Foundation, the Drum Tower District, but that does not exist in this illegal and criminal acts, so the Pharaoh's behavior can not be identified as courageous, but he was courageous in the sense of worth advocating. In response, Pharaoh could not accept, want to own

■ Later she learned that the other is a husband and wife, the husband came up with his wife stopped crying for the thief's stupid idea

■ Samaritan Foundation, the Drum Tower District, said that as the site without criminal evidence, so I can not found

depressed Pharaoh

someone shouting catch the thief

help him hit a broken leg

last year One evening in July, the citizens of Nanjing to the Shimonoseki Wang Xiao Taoyuan walk. Near the line to Yi Jiangmen, he suddenly saw a pair of young men and women before and after the chase, ran to their young women barefoot and shout edge chasing
Wang said at the time there is a middle-aged men pushing bicycles front door a little, but was pushed young men, their own time to think out his right leg to the trip to young men. Results of young men did not stumble, Pharaoh himself but was knocked to the ground, and lower leg fractures. At this point, the couple stopped down, and called 110 and 120.
Yi Jiangmen police station rushed to the scene after a preliminary understanding of the situation immediately so that 120 ambulance to the hospital to Pharaoh, and then turn back to investigate a man and woman. After investigation the police found that simply is a misunderstanding. Men and women are a young couple, when they are have trouble. Young women stopped to find someone to help her husband, so he just shouted After After consultations, a small husband and wife to hospital to see the Pharaoh, and paid him nearly 1.6 million medical expenses and compensation.
application courageous

be informed of sub-standard

for the young couple to visit and pay their own medical expenses and compensation approach, Wang said quite satisfactory. Since then, he has been home to recuperate. Last November, Pharaoh sent materials to the community, everyone starts talking about this matter. Some people think that is a courageous act of Pharaoh, you can apply to the relevant departments. Pharaoh said that he had not so many pieces, but since a lot of people feel that they are courageous, they move mind, decided to try to write material upon application.
Samaritan incident, we feel that this identification does not meet the standards of honorable, but did not previously set a precedent.
to give their
crime violated, to come forward with the fight against illegal and criminal acts; 2, in disaster relief, regardless of personal safety, protection of national, collective interests and the lives and property of others, outstanding performance; 3, the other courageous and outstanding deeds.
determined with reference to past examples of courageous deeds of personnel, the Drum Tower Area Foundation courageous act that can not be identified as Pharaoh Samaritan. However, as Wang was courageous on the subjective good intentions, they decided to give condolences.
She felt with the relatives, since doing this,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], if not recognized, too chilling out. For the father's positive about the police, but they believe can not be identified as the Samaritan did. Friends joke. In this case, is not courageous and it also identified the third man?
one say that they were used, one said the. Young women said they could not the couple is a bit of Pharaoh.
Wang: I have been using the

According to reports, after the event, the Foundation has come up with urban levels of 1000 yuan courageous condolences to Pharaoh, but Pharaoh refused, He insisted that his behavior is courageous, and request a Certificate.
Wang said that if the girls do not cry at that time, people will not go to help arrest people at the meeting, and he is not out of this thing. Wang said he was in a way young women use. ask people is not a bad man? thief

but many people call the places you would not really think people are bad people in front of? Caregiver explained, because the situation an emergency, she is more angry, lose control of the brain, an impulse is also no much thought, did not think would Pharaoh driven to such a weight.
caregiver admitted, many times to the hospital to visit him and give him money to see a doctor, and we have no complaints. Code law firm, said Yan-Li Li, courageous and refers to the statutory duties, statutory obligations, contractual obligation other than to protect national interests, public interests or other people's lives and property, stop the ongoing illegal, suspected of criminal behavior or implementation emergency relief, rescue behavior.
if just from the fact found that Wang really is not enough courageous conditions. But his actions are hypothetical type of behavior, because young women shouting, at the time of the environment, could not determine what the young men in front of people. He could only based on subjective judgments and the objective was to make judgments. cases, but should be considered courageous. He explained that because the Pharaoh was the purpose is to save lives, to social and public interests, not their own interests, but he can only judge by the prevailing environment.

girl late at night yelling for help

was originally a couple joke

2009 年 evening of August 23, Shijiazhuang City Union Area residents and neighbors Wang walk the dog in the water near the park. Suddenly, they heard the voice of a girl calling for help, saw a 20-year-old girl from the back of a rockery ran out, running and shouting for help, followed by a large man, about age behind in hot pursuit.
Mr. Wang is the first reaction of the two other girls met a bad man, said nothing to recover the past, the man threw himself to the ground, thought man desperate resistance, in the course of his uniform The two sides had physical conflict. Finally subdued the man, Wang hastened to alarm call girl, did not think the girl hugged the man asked anxiously: is, the girl hit her boyfriend, said 110 had been wounded. Soon, police arrived on the scene, this girl Xinji surnamed Liu, said she and her boyfriend joke, they somehow come to her boyfriend shot.
after police asked the girl did admit that he cried when playing games After police mediation, Miss Liu expressed his understanding, no longer held. Police said Miss Liu and her boyfriend joke when she met Mr. Wang that they misunderstood criminals, uniform process hurt Miss Liu's boyfriend, but fortunately was not badly hurt, Mr. Wang and other courageous spirit of the two worth advocating.
According to the

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