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Moncler sito ufficiale 30 trafficked boys were reu

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Mother and son embraced Xinhua Photo ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
River to the villagers made candy Xinhua Photo

Metropolis Daily River News Thanks! Police to send the old couple banner
Xie Xie! Wu Jiubing bulk candy thank folks

Thanks! Xie Xian Apple adoptive father

reporter Zhang Fan

his wife took the children to find her husband in Hubei, he was the son of abducted human traffickers. Xiangyang Police visit six months, eventually separated the son of 30 years found (see newspaper reports on the 10th). 30 years ago, the 4-year-old Wu Jiubing was a child, Shi-group is a 27-year-old mother. 30 years later, the mother's face had been cut up into gullies,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], thirties, children have experienced many vicissitudes. 30 years ago, the 4-year-old Wu Jiubing trafficking, after being repeatedly changed hands, bringing painful memories of a family. 30 years later, full of bitter to recognize two generations, father, maternal earth-shattering.
slowly docked at the Xiangyang bus station.
passengers suddenly flooded out. City Interpol detachment, several police brigade Fancheng Interpol, tiptoe around.
a pair of haggard
This old couple is Wu Maosheng and Shi-group. Shi-Kwan wrinkled, get off the boy's hand when Jinjinzuanzhu; Wu Maosheng hair is slightly gray, also some lame walk. See them, the police were quickly approached.
Yuehua Jian, Shi-Kwan tears have stained cheeks. Young quickly handed him a tissue side.
knees and thank police

3 pm, Xiangyang Interpol police detachment in the city held a news conference. After the meeting, Wu Maosheng, Shi-group of the couple was invited to the meeting room.
when the son Li Zhongxuan, external arm of Sun Wu Tian Wu Maosheng couple into the venue, police quickly greeted here.
just entering the door, Wu Maosheng knees, broke down in tears and said: elderly. He bent down and said:
may have been choking down crying out of breath, and Shi-group kept coughing. Police were quickly helped her up and down some busy water, and some busy peeling oranges.
Yang Jianqiang comfort that these years, you suffered emotional torture, we can immediately meet. This group Shi-seated, though not cry, but still kept sobbing.
Yang Jianqiang Investigating the process of introduction, the son Li Zhongxuan kept smiling nod. Wumao Sheng Teng got up bowed low, and then bow in silence, keep pounding the table with one hand.
mother hugged with tears streaming

conference room on the third floor, you can Wujiu Bing had no energy to go upstairs. The car, his legs felt weak, leaning on the door quickly. Two police escorted him on the floor.
Wujiu Bing had just entered the door, suddenly stopped. Wu Maosheng, Shi-group couples the seat back to him, the couple has not had notice. Two people kneel on the ground almost simultaneously embracing cry. buccal flow.
Wu Maosheng the Teng got up from his chair, fell to his knees profuse in her acknowledgments. Then he reached for the mother and son embraced, tears welling.
people moving scene. Yang Jianqiang and city criminal police detachment's leadership, have turned to wiping away his tears. A female police quietly walked outside, pulled out a tissue Calei.
3 people sitting on the floor holding each other, up to two minutes. Approached the police several times, trying to pull them seats, the results do not have the heart to interrupt them. Subsequently, Yang Jianqiang police arrangements to the hotel stay will be arranged. Wu Maosheng thank police sent a silk banner.
Shi-Kwan smiled slightly exposed, the body in his son's back. Wu Jiubing one hand clutching her shoulder, one hand still holding his hand.
step ladder next steps, Shi-Kwan shouted to down. And she get rid of his son's hand points to the ground.
police said jokingly:
30 meters of the road, even upstairs, downstairs, Shi-group and son's hands are not separated.
police Hotel is scheduled in advance, which placed some fruit. A man sat down, the police quickly handed over a glass of water.
Shi-Kwan refuse to let his son to drink, let the mother of his son to drink, sometime between two people 3 times.
Later, Wu Jiubing took the cup, mouth and blows, and then to his mother watering. Shi-Kwan took a gulp, said: son of a child to do.
Wu Jiubing Nanyang dialect with a strong father Wu Maosheng told that the mother's Chongqing dialect too fast, he did not understand some.
the smiling son Li Zhongxuan Mandarin quoted, talking about two years old when Wu Jiubing grilled brazier burns things. Wu Jiubing off legs, pointing to the calf said:

Wu Jiubing side with the father went to Nanyang city to visit parents, this reporter witnessed the scene a warm scene

endless, endless thank bitter separation parenting ex

Metropolis Daily News reporter Zhang Fan

10 days, the son of 30 years separated their parents meet with the students. 11 Early in the morning, Wu Maosheng and son Li Zhongxuan to pack up.
This time, he would side with Wu Jiubing to Nanyang city of Qin Shengli father to son, Shane. Shi-Kwan body is weak and motion sickness, accompanied by her grandson returned to Chongqing.
12:00, reporters and Wu Jiubing join his party in the Nanyang, they take on the newspaper's interview with City trucks rushed to the side, to thank the father Qin Shengli.
cell phone ring tones into the >
■ People: Wu Maosheng

Wu Maosheng connect the call, the smiling, said 30 years to recover lost son, too many people to thank. 10 at night, his very excited, let grandson changed ring tones.
He said he wanted to convey tone thanks to his benefactors, let people play his phone to share his joy.
he told reporters, just playing around phone, the first to thank the volunteers, a woman surnamed Liu of Shandong.
he said,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the son of the family has searched for 30 years, Sharon a big help through the network. May this year, Wu Maosheng available online to find the families of sub-post. Liu on the Internet to see information, contact them in time, and missing children information uploaded to the Subsequently, Liu and other volunteers to help write to the Ministry of Public Security also reflected.
Wu Maosheng laugh that all the people are to their own wishes. Family life before the gloomy, and now suddenly see the light of the.
mother did not experience very painful

■ Time: 12 am, noon

■ Venue: Nanyang City, on the way to the party

■ People: Wu Jiubing (Qin Dongsheng)

12 o'clock noon, reporters such as Nanyang 3 bus station and Wu Maosheng join. They take a newspaper interview, car, rushed to the side County.
side County in Nanyang City from more than 100 years, the car from the plains into the Funiu mountains. Bumps along the way, but Wu Jiubing would not stop. Wu Maosheng he took the hand, telling the 30 years of growth.
this period of years, both the birth is being
Wujiu Bing said that five or six years old, he heard the villagers say that they are being bought. These baseless rumor, so that he suffered a trauma.
third grade, Wu Jiubing quarrel with the students. A classmate he was Wu Jiubing weeping go, then wanted to run away from home.
more students joke, Wu Jiubing feel more and more suppressed. Later, he was not interested in learning, primary school drop out.
He said their father Qin Shengli has been very good. 30 years, Qin Shengli never played myself.
After graduating from elementary school, spent two years at home Wujiu Bing, went to Guangdong to work out. In 1994, he was a hardware factory in Dongguan, Guangdong to work.
At that time, Wu Jiubing monthly wage is 1,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],300 yuan, slightly higher compared with other factories. In order to do a good job, he also suffered wronged.
time at work, he did a few pieces of bad products. Boss uttered dirty words,
he said, condemning him not much care about, but the Evening back to the residence, he secretly crying clutching his blanket.
to colleagues and friends, Wu Jiubing never concealed his personal life. He admits his wife was impressed, and later married him.
father bowed thank relatives

■ Time: 3 pm

■ Location: Dianxiang four miles square County Government

■ People: Wu Maosheng Zhu Guangfu

interview reaching the side County territory, full of low hills and slopes. Along the way, Wu Maosheng kept asking what time the town. Wu Jiubing asked to do something, Wu Maosheng said with a smile just ask it.
line to the town,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Wu Maosheng walked off to the store. Wu Jiubing, too, that gives adoptive father to buy gifts.
heard Wu Jiubing to go home, driving his father Zhu Guangfu also came.
Wu Maosheng quickly stepped forward, holding hands Zhu Guangfu said: Wu Maosheng said with a smile,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and now we are one people.
Apple grateful adoptive father handed

■ Time: 4 pm

■ Venue: Four years Dianxiang Qin Village

■ People: Wu Maosheng Qin Shengli Zhu Guangfu

move along the mountain road interviews with 20 cars, the slopes of the eye is a row of dilapidated houses, Qin Shengli home is one of them. Wu Jiubing said, this house is an abandoned village. He stood on the hillside beckoned. Qin Dongsheng said with a smile:
Wu Maosheng to Qin Shengli handed a cigarette lighter to find the time Qin Shengli, Wu Maosheng fire him immediately.
Wu Maosheng used with a Mandarin accent Chongqing said, you raise her son so much, it is not easy.
Qin Shengli, said: Chongqing pension you receive. Qin Dongsheng soot bomb the bomb shook his head. He said he participated in the Korean War, and now there are 300 yuan per month condolences to Kim.
listening, pulling Qin Shengli Wu Maosheng sitting around, smiled and said: Wu Jiubing quickly out candy distribution.
departure, the Wu Maosheng ready to take 1000 dollars left Qin Shengli. Wu Jiubing quickly decline, said:

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