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Men lie to unlock the company to open the safe the

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PostWysłany: Wto 23:54, 22 Mar 2011 Temat postu: Men lie to unlock the company to open the safe the

surveillance video shows that when the day 2:00, FAN pawn opening the door, then sat the store kept calling, 10 minutes later, a man carrying a Kit came in and took another 20 minutes later, the man put the kit away. , The FAN will Liquor, notebook computers and Cordyceps out pawn shops, and then disappeared in the picture. Surveillance video clearly shows, FAN is suspected of theft of these items. Su estimate a bit, what is the value of FAN stole nearly 10 million: one Cordyceps value of 5 million, 2 million yuan Dell notebook computer, Maotai 2 million yuan.

unlock the company had gone, the FAN of the things looked safe, safe in the no cash, only a pack of unknown things. FAN this packet back into the safe, continue to look for valuable things in the store. Maotai and laptops found after the FAN thought: away with something. But he did not know his every move has been the store's surveillance equipment recorded.
original, FAN often to find a small Soviet pawn play, the pawn of the things are very curious about what he feels are here wonder, should also be valuable. Pawn that no one on duty at night, he had distorted the idea of moving, one in and the small range of eating and drinking, he took the opportunity to steal the body with a small range of keys. The morning of February 2, FAN through the 114 inquiries received a phone unlocking company, he called lock company, said he lost the safe key, you need to unlock the company's help. Contact the staff of the company a good lock, the FAN has numerous experiences of finding an excuse to falsely stating that she did not have time. The 3rd at 2 stores, FAN use stolen with the keys to open the door of the pawnshop, he called the lock company, , FAN will soak the pot of tea in the store, over tea and others. Unlock a company's people, after a leisurely cup of tea the way to see FAN, he dispelled his doubts, and soon helped FAN opened the safe.

2 3 December, morning, open area in the Kim Jin Su pawnshop open for business as usual, they found themselves in the office The safe was opened, which placed the value of 50,000 yuan a pack of Cordyceps omitted. Safe pry marks on the obvious, Mr. Su was surprised,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], because just to open his own door, the door lock did not appear any different. Mr. So look carefully reviewed the store's merchandise, find themselves on the shop and a Dell laptop with 36 bottles of Maotai also disappeared.

the present case is still under investigation.
After interrogation, FAN pawn of theft confessed to the crime.

the packet is the caterpillar fungus. FAN Tong to get the dual Maotai Cordyceps and a gift shop in recovery, respectively,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to 4,000 yuan and 8,000 yuan price of sold; in Xichang Road, laptop sold for 3,000 yuan a passing woman. When arrested, the money has been squandered FAN was only 400 yuan.

cheat to unlock the company to do an accomplice

bizarre pawn stolen
Police suspect the FAN was locked, but this time, FAN are like the same from vapourized, disappeared without a trace. Kunming Public Security Bureau, plainclothes branch immediately involved in the investigation. March 18, according to plain-clothes police branch leads, in 21:40 a bath in the Guandu District 3, the FAN captured.

Kim Jin received a report of the police station is accessible by the store surveillance video, when Su Su and his nephew saw a small video monitor when a familiar figure, suddenly stunned. This person is called FAN, he is the good friend Sue is primary school students. FAN January of this year came to Kunming from Zhaotong after, often to find small SU pawn play, so we are familiar on the FAN.


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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