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facilities once home, the door close to the lawyer's letter and reminder letters

Express correspondent Sheng Xue photo

million, 80 million homes by the wife also lost his son divorce, bankruptcy! the attention of many users. Like visiting the Donglin Academy Just a short time to spread the name
past few days, multi-Express reporter visited in Wuxi, launched an investigation on the matter, hoping the reader fog, to restore the truth.
□ Express correspondent Kim Jin Xue Sheng

Wuxi report

friends broke the news:

That in Wuhan is simply over running wedding Pediatrics. , from the uploaded photos of view, the degree of luxury wedding car fleet staggering.
That is quite blatantly the protagonist of the wedding, the groom is called Shi Yinyin. After a web search that Express reporter, he was a tin of Fujian to the merchants in the jewelry business, son. Because his father is a jeweler, marriage pomp and large, some users in the name of the former crown Shi Yinyin on the the team.
marriage can be said to be a man But how are people did not think that just one year less than, Shi Yinyin, Diamond family, recalled jewelry blue (Shi family jewelry business brand - Editor's Note) Prior to inspire envy these keywords once again into the crowd's attention, and is once again full to shock people. But this is a User .
someone in the thread after this post, said he Beitang courthouse in Wuxi read about the announcement for Shi Yinyin home, covering debt disputes; was applied to the court house to collect debts. Some users broke the news that, after the blue and bright memory jewelry, diamonds family jewelry store has long been left vacant, closed up shop.
how the truth? Express reporter and posting messages through the station's A few days later, Both father and son
Express reporter access to the business sector in Wuxi City, registration information, relevant information, 500 million, is a natural person holding Limited.
Recently, Express correspondent found a 123 Renmin Road Wuxi City skyscraper 360 signs in the lobby display, Room 2105, the company name to Room 2105, 21st floor, stainless steel in the side door, a huge
in the door of Room 2105, posted with a December 13, 2010 issued Shiyin Yin's letter. Lawyer's letter said that the other party in the November 14, 2006 from the Commercial Bank loans to home buyers, but the borrower for breach of contract Failing to about repayment schedule, despite repeated dunning, has 5 million of principal and interest owed. Although the lawyer's letter said that in They declined.
room door in 2105, in addition to posting a lawyer's letter, also posted a 360-building property companies charge notice. Which in recent time a charge dating back to 2010, the month's notice on January 11-12, 2105 show, including unpaid water bills, property fees, total cost of 1.63 million yuan.
in Ferris 360 property management offices, a staff member to disclose to the Express correspondent, Room 2105 is a jewelry business, and before the coming and going here, very busy, but since last year's here no longer seen coming. The staff also told reporters that, after 2105 have been delinquent for several months, so in last year's said a few days to pay.

the business is located in Wuxi City, the first floor of No. 89 Zhongshan Road, Wuxi City, Diamond Jewelry Co., Ltd. family, legal representative for Shiyin Yin, the registered capital of 51 million, is a natural person Holdings Limited,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], operates the project for the diamond , jewelry, arts and crafts sales. According to business registration information, Shi Yinyin 1986 students. An informed source said, after He seems to have become a living sign.
and skyscrapers like the 360 Building, Room 2105, located at 89 Zhongshan Road, Wuxi, diamond family has a door closed. Nearby businesses, told reporters, probably from last year's Wuxi from Fujian to the development, in 2002 purchased about Beitang District in Wuxi City, a new residential district. They purchased houses in the district as relatively large area, 150 square meters, the price was around 3,000 yuan per square meter. Until before the accident, many people think that the Shi family was living in the district.
residential property can be told the Express correspondent staff, in fact, Shi Yinyin married not long ago, that is, before last January, Shi family has moved out of district,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they handed over to a relative of the house of refuge. In mid-September 2010, Shi Changcong and settlement of the residential property management fees owed by more than 450 yuan. Properties say that the staff from Shichang Cong, a house he had sold to this place anyone.
The market prices have risen to around 9,000, but generally sell parking spaces, and only as excessive luxury. son (Shi Yinyin) opened the car sounds very loud, several times his mother told us that (his son) out of the car she opened her embarrassing. previously had a good car out of four in the Shi Yinyin married shortly before the family to move out, and said to buy a house elsewhere. The residential property in the Shi Yinyin mother who was sent specifically to them to candy, to know her son married.
fewer bosses, many people with the Shi family and relatives are all familiar with, so the news first from the mouth of these people coming out. lived in the house before,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the reporter saw the door was covered with water, electricity, cable TV fee reminders. Which a reminder notice water on the account name is written Shichang Cong.
prominently on the door, but also put forward a written Shiyin Yin's lawyer's letter, the contents of 360 buildings with skyscrapers like the 2105's.
one family refused to disclose the names of diamond jewelry company before the employees told reporters before disappearing in the Shi family with three, the wages of employees are settled, even the staff had applied to borrow money at home has been returned. to lose more than 10 billion.
Express correspondent business registration information under the two fixed-line display, multiple call attempts to contact facilities and his son, but one has been shut down, another has been no answer. The reporter called Shi Changcong stay in the property's phone number, voice prompts that the phone has been shut down.
Express reporter went to Shi Yinyin father's company, wanted to interview him to learn more about the truth, after all, their relatives are also rumors that swept away their home large sums of money. Shiyin Yin's father told reporters that his staff is not in the company. They also admitted to reporters in early 2010's that wedding is, indeed, was the boss at home so that we can have such a good marriage and happy and envious, but now it has come a hundred and eighty degree reversal, is amazing. But no matter how, this is the owner of the private affairs of family, so we do not inquire about the matter. Company employees said that even if the spread of this thing, the company is also very normal operation, the boss did not reveal in front of us had a special feeling.
Express reporter on the phone last night before a Shiyin Yin's father. When a reporter identified himself and told the other would like to know, to verify the rumors about Shiyin Yin, the old man calmly told reporters, Shi Yinyin the son is already
When the Express correspondent further asked him,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], including all related facilities on the network this family of speculation and debate what his opinion. He once again a quiet voice,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], told reporters:

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