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For the convenience of staff watch the World Cup C

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PostWysłany: Wto 23:59, 22 Mar 2011 Temat postu: For the convenience of staff watch the World Cup C

semi-finals day off half

many people exclaimed: This boss is a fan!
To miss a fantastic race, the fans at every day, boiled However, the real war has just lit the World Cup, as a die-hard fans, not watching the game how to sleep? Do not go to work or delay the majority of work has become the aspirations of the fans.
trainee reporter Ma Wen Jing

Network Top

leave become a problem watching

leave online Collection released

With the advent of the semi-finals, World Cup intensified, more and more of Situation can affect people's hearts. More and more fierce fighting, the fans not miss? It is necessary to watch a soccer match, while not lost, Thus, between the staff and the boss,
today's fast-growing network, users have to pursue leave Raiders Such as: Yesterday, my wife suddenly gave me a big fat baby, please grant leave; morning to the police cars parked in our dormitory downstairs, walked directly to his name, and now came back; his wife is sick, a person to I do not trust the hospital; I had chicken pox, scarlet fever; home, broken toilets, broken radiator, a gas leak; have any allergies decoration materials, these days to move ... ...

even publicly selling sick leave section, and clearly the price, price 30 yuan. In short, all of the
floor Ningbo

to rest watching things correct

Kai Road, a half-day holiday company

before the World Cup, stand in the world Cup point of view of many enthusiastic audience, and some merchants on behalf of the fans stay up all night a call for Arabian Nights, Recently, Ningbo, Hong Kong 19th Floor, Forum article entitled
yesterday afternoon, this reporter went to the cultural life of Ningbo Co., Ltd Kai Road, the company is close to the share on the door , it was decided the semi-finals and finals holiday morning, the July 7, 2010 morning, the morning of July 8, July 12 morning half-day holiday. please enjoy the World Cup, the passion and fun!
reporter interviewed several executives, they are bluntly: to sit up all night, and put half a day off to be 'sense of the word' to watch the game, not to worry about 'rice bowl' problem. the stage table football machine, but in the end was playing bad.
small river though a girl, but the World Cup is also very She said: ! to the staff holiday. Manager Wang said: Statistics, when 10% of the die-hard fans say, If you get a World Cup tickets, and employers are not allowed to leave, they would consider resigning, but the more people will choose to use a wide variety of reasons to leave the boss. World Cup 4000 had a British sponsor to investigate, stomach ache or stomach pains, vomiting, headache or migraine among the top three.
in the country, leave a big fan of their reasons is full of tricks, one after another. User carefully concocted His wife is sick, a person to the hospital I do not worry. Boss, you know that brute like you too much.
boss comments: husband and wife Wife ah! But I'm not interested in your wife, I love Xifeng.
2. Leave reasons: to see a hospital doctor of a waist, legs, look, look at the knee, the way to see the body. What are pain, how to do it? If I go to the hospital, the disease will develop later, the development will be spread out, spread out I was going to die. How to do my dead child, the parents how to do,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the boss how do you do, the world will be destroyed.
boss comments: I do not want to be condemned by history.
3. Leave reason: I had acute depression, fainted in the street crying can not work.
boss comments: got depression does not matter, hard work makes you forget what a depression ... ... The company specializes in treatment of depression.
4. Leave reasons: the boss today, I suddenly felt the bottleneck of the. You see, I'm not for a few days?
boss comments: ah, the company's book goes to the bottleneck of low wages hair for two months.
5. Leave reasons: her husband yesterday to the family washboard bad knees, again buy one.
boss comments: a shopping mall is promoting, Sale at breakdown, selling only 10 yuan, at my name can also be a discount. Another: the way to bring me a piece.
6. Leave Cause: Yesterday, want to learn to dodge to the Emperor, the results of the glorious bed.
boss comments: Do not fantasize about big brother is only legend, after you have se Ah!
7. Leave reasons: my dear Da Yima see me.
boss comments: she looks like three days to go now.

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