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doudoune moncler homme Provincial Sports awards ce

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PostWysłany: Czw 18:01, 10 Mar 2011 Temat postu: doudoune moncler homme Provincial Sports awards ce

YORK (Chen Yue) yesterday afternoon, the delegation participated in the thirteenth Wenzhou Provincial Games awards ceremony will be held in the southeast of the theater. Municipal Sports Bureau reported Contestants Ye Guoliang, talk about the delegation's main harvest, and competition experience, but also expressed some regret and concern.
Zhejiang province thirteenth successive Games Games is the highest specifications, the largest and most comprehensive project, one of the largest comprehensive event sports event. In competitive sports department, the city sent a total of 529 athletes, 138 coaches and staff participated in all 24 events, won a total of 260 gold,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 100.5 silver, bronze 101, group Total 3886 points , the third column the total number of gold medals and total third.
in the current Provincial Games, the city consolidated the individual strength of the project, the weak project breakthrough. Meanwhile, the emergence of a number of excellent sports reserve seedling for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing to lay a good foundation. If the national team training 13-year-old Jiang Yuyuan Gymnastics women, will be 15-year-old male tennis player Song Chao, Bai Anqi 13-year-old women, will be swimming. Are also a number of other rookie on this Sportsmeeting emerge, causing the national team, provincial team experts.
Ye Guoliang said yesterday: a lot of uneven development between projects, track and field talent scarcity of such items and the original advantages of the project gymnastics, weightlifting, table tennis decline, has sounded the alarm. Particularly the Ministry of Competition of sports scores to decline, showing the city's overall competitive strength has been weakened. Coaches individual problems revealed in the game, reflecting the incentive of competition and incentive mechanism is not perfect, enforcement is not big enough. These are all parties concerned should pay full attention, and addressed as soon as possible, in a relatively short period of time for a clear change and breakthrough to meet the fourteenth session of the Provincial Games and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games new challenges.
Provincial Games was also commended the decision was read out, Tao open group, Zhouzhen Gang, Xu was members was named .

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