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borse gucci prezzi Women's real name purchased ano

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PostWysłany: Wto 4:50, 22 Mar 2011 Temat postu: borse gucci prezzi Women's real name purchased ano

bizarre take visitors to Zhongshan, the first day, a female passenger from Zhongshan Liu success with their ID card telephone bookings, and by the second generation ID card in person to collect outlets, but other people take to the printed name and ID number of the non-real-name ticket, Canton area, said Liu's bizarre encounter should be the telephone booking due to the wrong ID number,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the system fault in case of very low probability. Later, Liu could only deducted 67 per refund, and then again in Guangzhou, South Station to buy high-speed rail tickets home.
I am booking the tickets are out Liu Zhongshan,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], female travelers are anxiously looking for the spring × railway uniformed staff to wear inquiry. ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], how to get out of India is a 'Liu Wenhui' name and ID number? I do not know who it,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! station to go directly to buy a ticket, the real name how telephone bookings also took a 'non-real-name ticket' out? p> reporter saw Miss Liu buying is at 14:38 on January 27 departure from Guangzhou to Changsha South South Station's G1076 High-iron second-class tickets, worth 333 yuan, point that the information does not match, on sale at face value information that can not be changed, so I went to South Station. buy a home, real-name high-speed rail tickets.
to Miss Liu's for telephone bookings Just enter the ID number, without the need to enter the name, and Miss Liu alone a ticket and identity card to apply for another free-for-votes does not meet requirements. And the ticket does not rule out the possibility of cattle to buy the party.
Telephone reservations resolving:

question one: a telephone booking in the same order, whether they purchase purchasing tickets for other riders?
A: Passengers can travel who hold valid identity documents of people purchasing the original ticket for the ride, that these documents are original, not a copy, nor is the identity card number.
question two: a telephone booking in the same order, whether they were a few tickets at different outlets to take their identity cards in the order their own tickets, if a person does not take belonging to this person will not cancel the order?
A: No, the order must be the same again for the tickets in the same window.
three questions: What skills Telephone reservations, how to prevent being cheated?
Answer: Passengers are advised to Guangzhou Railway Group, the use of telephone booking,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you should try to advance within 10 days of purchase, but also to avoid using the telephone booking booking booking peak period. Stagger the passenger flow peak travel as far as possible, as soon as travel arrangements, booking tickets in advance. Trips in the travel arrangements, you can avoid the popular train, the first book in the same direction of the other train, improve the chance of booking success. The railway sector has not offered to pay the fare in advance telephone booking services, need booking by bank transfer ways that are scams, passengers must pay attention to prevent the telephone booking prepaid fare fraud.
stop passengers waiting three tips:

Tip one: waiting to get tickets, please pay attention to location

1 from 19 to 31, Canton Group, arrange a day trip Linke 12 passengers waiting in different places to Canton Fair Pazhou Complex. Buy 19 to 31 January marked Xingang East Road), Hall 1 to 4, in accordance with the tube directed to high-risk waiting waiting area waiting train trips.
Tip two: early spring ready to stop traveling valid identity documents and tickets

non-real-name system for ticket holding passengers, not the real name system in the pilot car Zhanshang Ju; held passenger train real-name system, not the real name system not tried the car Zhanshang Ju.
pilot station name system platform ticket is not for sale.
passenger car stop when required to hold identity information with the coupon valid ID card matches the original.
more than 1.5 meters tall and 16 years of age or student ID booklet tickets by minors, to check the booklet or student card,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the passenger seat of the public security organs by household registration certificate issued letters ticket, stint at the station's public security system shall permit the temporary export re-submit proof of identity. Reduction of passengers holding tickets, tickets must check the line with the provisions of the documents.
Tip three: morning opening line of Linke Please note that the waiting time

present, train travel time to take the face marked a 24-hour clock.临客 many additional driving time is open in the morning, for example: at 0:31 on January 20, should be waiting on the evening of January 19, not 20 on the evening.

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