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3 suspects in abduction of 11 women were arrested

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PostWysłany: Pon 2:25, 14 Mar 2011 Temat postu: 3 suspects in abduction of 11 women were arrested

interrogation process, Chen Xiaodong of the police said.
two smooth Myanmar police arrest
through the investigation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], police learned that Chen Xiaodong have fled Lincang, Dehong Yingjiang to the China-Burma border area. Here more than 200 kilometers long border, Chen Xiaodong no fixed abode, detection very difficult.
statement, according to Chen Xiaodong, they help Myanmar Girl, Lincang to and from Kunming, to Baoji, Toshiaki management collusion in Baoji. Toshiaki, who was followed by a tube to find Chen Xiaodong He was responsible for 11 entry with the girl in Myanmar, were sold to Wushan County, Gansu Province. Until early this year, management and others in Gansu Province Toshiaki arrested.
On the one hand the police Yingjiang Swift met with Myanmar, reporting the case, providing photographs and hope to gain their cooperation; the other hand, due to the civil side of the border with Burma active trade, Yingjiang Police released the photo to go to Burma to visit relatives friends, business people, want them to pay attention to report.
more than 10 Myanmar nationals Abduction of Women

week ago, police received a tip Yingjiang, locked Chen Xiaodong settled in specific locations - a village in Myanmar, Lao Cai. They quickly meet again with the Myanmar police to request the other catch. Subsequently, the Myanmar Police have arrested Chen Xiaodong. December 30, 2010, Chen Xiaodong was handed over to Chinese police.
reporter Caohong Lei (Yunnan Information Report)
2.5 万 到 2.8 万 one, sold one of each, Chen Xiaodong should share in 5000. Here that is not a commodity, women, abducted 11 of Myanmar women. Closely with the police in Burma, the December 30, 2010, Chen Xiaodong arrested in Myanmar, and then was transferred to Yunnan Yingjiang police. So far, the Ministry wanted the third installment of A-10 wanted fugitives all the major trafficking crime questioning.

It is reported by Chen Xiaodong trafficking gang was successful in all 11 women were rescued, has been repatriated to Burma. Yesterday,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], police in Gansu to Yingjiang for Chen Xiaodong further trial. Jurisdiction of the case, the suspects will be transferred to the province filing police unit Gansu police. With the major trafficking crimes fugitives Chen Xiaodong's arrest, the Ministry wanted the third installment of A-10 wanted fugitives all the major trafficking crime questioning.

tube Junming, who was arrested, Chen Xiaodong disappeared. August 2010, police in Gansu school September 27, 2010, Ministry of Public Security issued a warrant third A-level, open arrest 10 suspected trafficking of children, women, criminal fugitives, Chen Xiaodong one of them.

31-year-old Chen Xiaodong, who lives in the town of Lincang Zhenkang umbrella Ringer Village South, this is common in China-Burma border, a small stockade. 1999, Chen Xiaodong began to Myanmar to help ethnic bananas, doing odd jobs. Fifty-six years ago, she met in Myanmar working illegally in Gansu man Toshiaki tube and pipe to help find a successful Toshiaki Beginning in 2007, her management, who together with several Burmese Toshiaki, began in the trafficking of Burmese women. Just two years, actually the formation of a fixed population of sale distribution network.
According to deputy police chief Yingjiang Zhuang Yuehua introduced, according to police in Gansu communications, other accomplices accountable they are to help Myanmar women

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