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moncler doudoune For the recruitment of security f

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PostWysłany: Nie 19:15, 13 Mar 2011 Temat postu: moncler doudoune For the recruitment of security f

Wang Xuepeng Huairou owned security company before his death, said the company set up a working group, and the family to Beijing aftermath.
Chaoyang Police confirmed that there are 14 members of the security involved in custody.
site Bulletin
12 10 May, the site, only the northern one in the wall construction.

memories of a carpenter, security, migrant workers hostel dormitory with a few meters apart. Dec. 3 at 7 pm, I heard a security was killed in the dormitory, he was ready to go, in the cafeteria door, blocked by the police, the scene has been blocked by the police, but also to the ambulance.
near the site of the Beijing Ditan Hospital emergency department nurse, said the evening of December 3, a man named Wang Xuepeng was taken to hospital. The wearing security service, body trauma, heart rate, respiratory arrest, to the hospital even before his death.
more workers, said the incident, two or three days, the foreman had called a meeting of workers to inform the security fight,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the dead matter, and asked the workers not to fight.
family of the deceased to deal with the aftermath of Beijing

A worker from Hebei Province, said: confirmed that the incident site had killed a person, the original ten members of the security police control. The security also revealed that the accused take the lead in Zhang beat Wang Xuepeng boss, the company's inspector of their captain.
Wang Xuepeng Huairou, security companies are alive, the second district manager, said the company, the company has set up a working group to deal with the aftermath, Wang Xuepeng's father has been to Beijing, the specific issues is not clear.
Police confirmed that 14 security detainees

According to insiders, Wang Xuepeng LA VIE original site for the offshore general security, I heard that as long as the recruitment come, we can separate the establishment of security teams, recruiters can also be appointed as monitor. Thus, Wang Xuepeng will pull up two or three colleagues, planning to return home to recruit people, Wang Xuepeng This aroused the resentment of their boss named Zhang, Zhang put Wang Xuepeng boss
Yesterday, the Chaoyang Police confirmed that the site area offshore LA VIE colleagues had been killed in security incidents, 14 suspects were detained.
■ survey

recruitment of more than ten people can be class leader

It is understood that the ocean more than 70 LA VIE site security, after one commander, a squadron leader, set the following four or five classes, five fourteen each class, with a squad leader and a deputy team leader. More than one security from Shaanxi, said they were introduced by a fellow into the Huairou security companies. One of the security said, I heard that some people own a team of people to recruit them to become a squad leader.
in the search engine will find a number of Wang, a job information, said the captain, already know the news of the accident site ocean.
Captain Wang said his company to recruit people across the country. General Security 1,400 yuan a month, the squad leader, compared with 1,800 yuan. If job security or a new candidate, it could also bring a dozen people, joined the company as security, you can arrange recruiters class leader, managing more than a dozen individuals. If not class leader, also a corresponding increase in benefits, not required, even if the candidate is a

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