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borse gucci gucci borse Many times girls disfigure

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,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

23 years ago, Dan was born less than two months of the first hospital in Huairou District, during the nose by an unknown animal bites.
Since then, the girl had been living in the ridicule of outsiders. Those innocent joy of childhood, youth and march this far away from her ideal.
she grew up looking forward to that time, surgery can repay her for the same good face, but the failure of the surgery four years of her dreams shattered.
destroyed the house she will live a normal life in the hospital she was sent to court, the Court also look forward to her a fair.
Recently, the first hospital in Huairou District, was sentenced to compensation for moral damages and other costs of Dan 19 million yuan. Dan said that no amount of money can not eliminate the pain of her heart.
23 years ago, the nightmare

scarred, if not the nose, 23-year-old Dan should be a beautiful girl.
Who ruined her looks, and now remains a mystery.
Hospital is a non-speed of the cat, but Dan's mother Xu Zhiru speculated that the culprit is more likely to be a mouse.
experience talking about her daughter's injuries, Xu Zhiru and guilt since her husband did not feel the care of his daughter, which leads to her hospitalized.
Dan Glass, who lives in Huairou District, Ertaizi Miaozhen village six seventy kilometers from the city, is a quiet village surrounded by hills.
According to Xu Zhiru memories, March 15, 1986, Dan was born less than two months due to cold induced pneumonia, was sent to hospital in Huairou District, the first treatment. At that time the doctor told them, to prevent infection in children, pediatric wards does not allow parents to accompany, full power to hospital care.
the past week, my daughter did not improve disease. March 21, Xu Zhiru good wife and hospitals to discuss the next day will be transferred to Beijing Children's Hospital Dan. However, that night,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it happened.
Xuzhi Ru said, next morning, when she and her husband rushed to the hospital for referral procedures for when my daughter was told that In their repeated questioning, the hospital told them it's generally been: 4:20 or so, the pediatric ward suddenly there came a piercing cry, doctors and nurses heard this in time past, that Dan Manlianshixue her nose bitten by something, then the hospital will be sent to Children's Hospital Dan.
hospital told Xu Zhiru couple, Dan bite into wards, and may be a wild cat.
when plastic surgery was Dan doing a lot of contact with the patients nose was bitten, she had learned from these patients, most of them were bitten by rats, was bitten by a cat almost unheard of. Xu Zhiru presumably, bite her nose, and perhaps a mouse.
Xuzhi Ru said, was the first hospital pediatric wards, Huairou District, is a row of bungalows facing the street, older, may be nursed nurse for the child after the mouth is not clean, and the residual milk to mice elicited .
at Children's Hospital, Xuzhi Ru and her husband saw her daughter had just finished surgery: face palm full of blood, both sides of the nose is gone, collapsed nose down, nose out the meat inside pages of the nostril plugged in two airway. This scenario allows new mothers Xu Zhiru fainted on the spot.
1 month after the accident, Dan parents and the hospital signed an agreement, contract conditions permit, the Beijing-owned orthopedic hospitals Dan for nasal surgery and surgery travel required of all medical expenses during hospitalization borne by the hospital. In addition, the hospital nutritional supplements and other one-time payment of compensation under Dan more than 2,300 yuan.
lonely life

ignorant through the initial years, Dan hit will know can remember, she has a distinctive nose, consequent from the pain and low self-esteem , also in her life go hand in hand.
her vague talk from adults learn, his nose does not look good, hurt. Went outside, not hiding her other children, that is, make fun of her, no one wants to play with her. Over time, she became not love to go out, Wildcats bite, they nicknamed her: Naughty boys laughed at her as often, and often pointing in the back, and even play with her all the students will become the object of ridicule.
in school,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Dan was very lonely. Way to school, she was always a person walking. Break, sitting in the classroom, focusing instead on her alone. Home after school, she rarely taken the house step. She said so many years on the school, even one can be called
look in the mirror, take pictures, this is Dan from small to large are most reluctant to doing two things, in addition to ID cards and graduation photos on the card, Dan filmed almost no live pictures.

in my heart, Dan is a very stronger girl. Nobody playing with her, she took time is spent in learning, from primary to junior high school, her grades have been good, never had to worry about their parents.
junior high school, taking into account the economic conditions at home, Dan chose a secondary school, school of packaging design. After graduating from college, Dan into a well-known mobile phone manufacturers based in Huairou, a factory, it is a seven or eight thousand manufacturers.
here, her hard work and realistic soon recognized, 1 year later, Dan was promoted to the production line Although the work intensity, two shifts, one thousand is 12 hours, but more than two thousand yuan monthly salary she had to be satisfied.
nose, however the problem still everywhere. There will be no naughty boys called her
even worse.
four failed surgery

had grown up in the shadow looks damaged, Dan is more looking forward than the other girls grow up, because she can grow up to do plastic surgery She hoped that a doctor's scalpel to give their new look.
look like a transformation of the ugly duckling,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], she starts looking forward to.
but so Dan did not think that surgery is so painful and tortuous process, she lost the job.
2006 年 3 months, Dan in the Plastic Surgery Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to accept the first surgery. Doctors implanted in her forehead skin of a dilator and gradually into the liquid, the forehead skin and hold sheets to expand. The second step surgery, the doctor will remove some excess skin there, transplanted to the nose area.
However, very painful surgery, forehead after expander implantation, Dan forehead, eyes, facial swelling and bruising is very serious, very long time consumption does not go on. Moreover, the operation required a very long time, probably get four or five years, forced termination.
second surgery, the doctor decided to or exclusion of a piece.
so a third surgery, this is removed from the ear piece to fill the gap on the right side of the nose, only to find out a bit more, long into sarcoma, had surgery again, this time is April 2008.
have to do each procedure under general anesthesia, surgery can not eat or drink 24 hours before and after, ears cut again and again, the unbearable suffering of ordinary people, Dan endured all teeth, as is to and ordinary people have a different nose.
when it could not carry, Dan will be crying, the mother accompanied her to tears.
operable result,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Dan is very frustrating. This year in April, the agency entrusted by the court to do injury to Dan identification showed that her nose had scar, asymmetry of nasal deformities caused by both sides of the nose, ears part of the defect, for the nine disabled.
first surgery, Dan invited to the company 4 months of leave, the company readily agreed. When she again needed leave of absence due to surgery, leading embarrassed,
claim millions

continuous operation for over two years failed to achieve satisfactory results, Dan, and their parents had the first hospital in Huairou District, a claim for compensation was rejected.
January of this year, legal aid center in Huairou District, lawyer help, Dan will be the first hospital in Huairou district court to require compensation for these payments the hospital, care, loss of working costs, disability compensation, etc. a total of 19 million yuan,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 100 million for mental damages, and bear the costs of its follow-up treatment.

the first hospital in Huairou District, believes that the hospital should pay the Dan 4 all the medical costs of operation, but also paid 5,000 yuan as Dan transportation during surgery and travel expenses, have been agreement to fulfill the corresponding obligations, there is no continuing payment obligations. Also, Dan injured in March 1986 until January 2009 only to the court, has exceeded the limitation prescribed by law.
Huairou district court that the injured Dan although in 1986, but the fourth hospitalization in March 2008 to April, before the damage to the fact that the state has been in existence, the prosecution did not exceed the legal limitation provisions.
court held that although Dan parents signed a compensation agreement with the defendant and notarized, but the agreement the plaintiff paid the defendant the burden of the corresponding costs after other costs are no longer in violation of relevant provisions of the law, should be invalid, the hospital in the performance agreement related to payment obligations, should also continue to bear the loss of Dan and reasonable compensation.
Court of First Instance ruled that the loss of the hospital a total of 19 compensation for Dan million yuan. Which disability benefits 98,900 yuan, 70,000 yuan for mental damages. Dan asked for a follow-up treatment, because now is not actually happen, not the courts support.
sentence down, some people say that Dan made, it makes her laugh and cry, >
no work day, Dan used to nest in the house all day, not going anywhere. Parents work in the fields every day, she would assume the task of cooking and cleaning.
she was anxious to get a job again, unfortunately not easy to find work to catch up with the financial crisis, some units have passed the written, often one to interview to get stuck.
reception, secretarial, sales, etc. to face a lot of people work, she not dare to go, p> She says she is now the largest wish or hope to have the opportunity to continue treatment, so that the nose back to normal as possible, and then find a suitable job, mother said Dan love to somehow lose my temper, But they all know why she is so, her daughter suffered from small to large bitter, had been the crime, they see with their eyes and in her heart.
boys around you have?

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