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and then stolen property. The present case

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PostWysłany: Pią 21:38, 11 Mar 2011 Temat postu: and then stolen property. The present case

address Humou been highly prized, with drugged to the Zhao family, with the rhetoric of trust defrauded Zhao, Zhao after inadvertently taking advantage of the white pill into a cup Zhao . Zhao drink the cup of water, sleeping in the past. do not know where he lives, after he tried to borrow money from me,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I did not lend him, I asked to meet, he did see.
prosecutor reminded: the Spring Festival approaching, criminals are also eager to start money-making operations, received a phone call or text message when a stranger, to be calm handling their personal information should not be free to tell others to avoid criminal suspects opportunity to exploit.
Humou Zhao finished looting the property will sell items cheap, Na Zhaoqian fled to Beijing. The things to do that perfectly, you can live Happy days Humou arrested and brought to justice by the police in Guiyang. After Humou remorse for his actions.
told him, I never thought ... ...

Prosecutor interpretation: robbery refers to the illegal possession for the purpose of violence, coercion or other means, and take the behavior of public and private property, including causing the victim can not resist the mandatory approach,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the most typical is the use of drugs, alcohol makes the victim a temporary loss of free will, and then stolen property. The present case, the suspect in order to collect money for the purpose of Humou captured the hearts of the victim, the victim will take the actions are consistent property of the constituent elements of robbery, so Humou constituted robbery.

2009 年 11 months, due to the Spring Festival approaching, indolent Humou want to try fishing for some money. He saw someone in the newspaper the way under the money-drugged, he decided to follow suit. Humou drugged purchased online, will be targeted to provide domestic service in the published information through the woman body. He believes that these people vigilance is low, after the accident Ye Hao said. He bought a new phone number, has made contact with several women.


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